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How to Make Easter Egg Drawings for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
March 25, 2016

These back-and-forth Easter egg drawings are simple, fun, and interactive for kids. A favorite family art games with an Easter theme.

These Easter egg drawings are simple, fun, and interactive.

This activity combines two of our favorite kids’ art games with an Easter theme:

Plus the end results are so pretty!

Here’s how we do this…

Easter Egg Drawings

Back-and-Forth Easter Egg Drawings 


  • Paper
  • Any drawing tool (we’ve done this with markers, pens, pencils, crayons, and oil pastels)
  • Watercolor paint (optional)


Basically, what you do is start by drawing a large Easter egg on a sheet of paper.

Then one person adds a band of decoration to the top of the Easter egg with their drawing tool.

Interactive Easter egg drawings to do with kids

Pass the drawing to the second person, who chooses a different color and draws another band of decoration below the first.

Pass the drawing back to the first person, who picks another color and draws the next band of decoration.

Continue to go back and forth between the two people until the Easter egg is completely decorated.

Adding a watercolor wash over Easter egg drawings

We’ve done this quite a bit, at home and out waiting at restaurants and in the car. We’ve done it with markers in sketchbooks and with oil pastels and watercolors on watercolor paper (as in these photos).

Back and Forth Easter Egg Drawings for Kids

Variations on these Easter Egg Drawings

  • You can also have a couple of Easter egg drawings going back and forth at the same time so each person always has one to work on.
  • Or, if you have more than two people, you can go around in a circle. Have everyone pass their drawing to the person on the left, for example, after adding your decoration.
Easter drawings

More Easter Art Activities

You can take any art activity or technique that you like, such as printmaking, painting, or drawing, and make it an Easter art activity by using Easter themes and colors.

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Back and Forth Easter Egg Drawings for Kids

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