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5 Fun Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
April 16, 2014

These 5 Easter craft ideas for kids are easy and beautiful! They include Easter arts and crafts activities like drawing activities, suncatchers, painting wooden eggs, and printmaking.

5 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids – Easy Easter Arts & Crafts Activities

We’ve been doing lots of Easter arts and crafts activities these past couple of weeks!

Besides suncatchers, here are two more Easter art activities that we’ve been working on this week ::

  • styrofoam printed Easter eggs
  • & painted wooden eggs

With all this Easter art-making, I thought it was about time I created a round-up of our favorite Easter craft ideas for kids. So here goes…

5 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids – Easy Easter Arts & Crafts Activities

5 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Here are 5 fun Easter craft ideas for kids from The Artful Parent.

5 Easter Arts & Crafts Ideas for Kids – Printmaking Easter Cards

1.  Styrofoam Printmaking

Make a styrofoam printed Easter card as my kids did. This simple printmaking technique looks especially striking when you cut the styrofoam into shapes first, such as these Easter eggs.

Easter Arts & Crafts Ideas for Kids – Back and Forth Easter Egg Drawings for Kids

2. Easter Egg Drawings

These back-and-forth Easter egg drawings are simple, fun, and interactive. A great, low-key way to connect through creativity with kids!

Easter Craft Ideas for Kids - Easter Egg Suncatchers

3. Easter Egg Suncatchers

Here are three beautiful ways to make Easter egg suncatchers!

Easter Arts & Craft Ideas for Kids - Double Doodle Drawing

4. Double Doodle Art

Use double doodle to draw Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, and anything else you’d like. (Make sure to watch the video of double-doodle art in action!)

Tip: It works best with symmetrical images.

Easter Craft Ideas – Painted Wooden Easter Eggs

5. Painted Wooden Easter Eggs

These painted wooden eggs will long outlast the hard-boiled kind and are so much nicer than plastic eggs. They can be brought out Easter after Easter, given as gifts, and join the play kitchen for some pretend play.

31 Easter Crafts for Kids


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