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2024 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
March 4, 2024

These 25 Easter basket ideas for kids are fun and creative items you want your kids to have AND that your kids will love!

Updated January 2024

Do you know what’s going into your children’s Easter baskets this year? If you need a little help, here are 25 creative Easter basket ideas! And there’s no candy in the bunch!

This selection will promote creativity, imagination, and active play long after the Easter candy is gone.

Choose 2-3 items from this list, and if you want to add a chocolate bunny or a few chocolate eggs, I’m sure your kiddos won’t object.

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Photo by Rachel Withers
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Note: These items are all sold through Amazon which makes it extra easy to shop this year. You can see some more of our kids’ Easter Basket ideas in The Artful Parent’s Amazon storefront.

Easter Basket Ideas for 2024

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Draw or paint with the long lasting Stabilo Woodies, perfect for younger artists.

Tempera paint sticks are a favorite for young artists and these pastels are perfect for Easter!

These gel crayons are so vibrant and buttery soft, wonderful for preschoolers.

Slip a few rolls of washi or colored masking tape rolls into your child’s basket.

We love these neon-colored pencils for sketching or coloring.

These throw-back scented markers come in a thin size for the bigger kids in your home.

Wonder Stix Chalk Crayons write on everything! Perfect for drawing on the windows as they easily wipe off!

Awesome Games in Small Sizes

Spot It (and Spot It Jr.) are both excellent games!

eeBoo Tell Me a Story is great for storytelling and imagination!

Tiny Polka Dot contains 16 games for kids of all ages.

Dinosaur Dominoes are fun for the dinosaur lovers in your life!

Go Fish: this is a fun version of the classic card game.

The sturdy round cards from this Memory Matching Game hold up well for small hands.

Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards is a fun game for younger children.

Easter Basket Ideas For Creative Play

How about a set of wooden play eggs? Kids can paint wooden eggs and use them for creative play.

A soft stuffed rabbit is the perfect gift for kids to cuddle with.

I LOVE the idea of playdough filled Easter eggs. Make your own playdough to fill plastic eggs.

As for lining the basket, try a play silk which doubles as an excellent pretend play accessory (our play silks have gotten so much use over the years).

Small Gifts for Outdoor Fun

Work out kids’ energy with a jump rope!

And how about a magnifying glass for all kinds of backyard exploring?

Make your own seed ball kit is a fun garden activity for the whole family.

Try this bubble blowing set and pair it with the best Homemade Bubble Recipe.

A rainbow kite for windy spring days or beach visits.

Sidewalk chalk for big outdoor drawing!

How about you? Do you have more creative Easter basket ideas for kids?

playdough in eggs
Photo by Rachel Withers

More Easter Crafts for Kids

Want even more creative ideas?

Check out our Easter Creativity pack!

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2024 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids2024 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

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