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How to Make Easter Egg Suncatchers

by Jean Van't Hul
January 30, 2022
easter egg suncatcher

Try making these Easter egg suncatchers with contact paper, tissue paper, and ribbon. Easy and beautiful, they are perfect for a sunny window!

Updated March 2022

Want to learn how to make some simple, yet lovely Easter egg suncatchers to decorate your windows?

All you need are a few simple materials, including transparent contact paper, colored tissue paper, and bits of ribbon or lace.

We’ve also tried these Easter Egg suncatchers with flower petals, or you could do a combination of the two!

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How to Make Easter Egg Suncatchers


easter egg suncatcher materials
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul


  1. Prepare contact paper

    First, tape a piece of contact paper on your table, and peel off the backing so that the sticky side is up.

    Then draw an egg shape on the contact paper, aiming to fill most of the space.

  2. Decorate your suncatcher

    Press pieces of ribbon or lace inside the egg shape, to make stripes, if you like.

    Tear or cut the colored tissue paper into small pieces. Then press the tissue paper pieces to the sticky contact paper to fill the rest of the egg shape. You can crumple the tissue paper first.

    creating egg suncatcher

  3. Complete the suncatcher

    Peel the backing off of a second sheet of contact paper and place over the first. Press all over with your hands to create a sandwich with the tissue paper design on the inside.

    easter suncatcher

    Optional: Cut out the egg shape. You can also add a border around the edges of the suncatcher with masking tape or washi tape.

  4. Hang in a sunny window!

    You can tape the suncatcher directly to the window or punch a hole in the top and loop a piece of string through for hanging.

easter suncatchers in window
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

We hope you enjoy making these fun Easter suncatchers as much as we did!

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easter egg suncatchers
How to Make Easter Egg Suncatchers

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