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Easter Egg Art with Watercolor Resist

by Jean Van't Hul
January 1, 2022
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Try this Easter egg art with a simple yet lovely watercolor resist technique. Then use the colorful painted eggs to make an Easter bunting!

Updated March 2022

Want an easy yet lovely Easter egg art activity to do with your kids?

Oil pastel resist is one of our favorite watercolor resist techniques, and probably the one we use most commonly.

So, we tried an Easter themed version of it as an art invitation for our kids to do after school. 

Here’s how they used it to paint Easter egg after Easter egg.

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Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Easter Egg Art with Watercolor Resist

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*We cut the egg-shapes out free hand, but here are some printable templates if you would rather yours are a bit more precise.


  1. Draw designs

    First, draw designs on your Easter egg paper with the white oil pastel.

    Easter Egg Art - Drawing with Oil Pastels

  2. Add color!

    Then, paint over your oil pastel drawing with watercolors. You can use paint brushes or q-tips.

    Easter Egg Art in Process - Painting with Watercolors

  3. Repeat!

    Make as many eggs as you’d like. If your kids are anything like ours, they’ll be cranking out the Easter eggs!

    Watercolor Resist Easter Egg Art

    They might even make an Easter Bunny, too!

    Easter Bunny Art with Watercolors

Continue drawing and painting your Easter eggs until you have enough for a bunting.

Easter Egg Art and Bunting with Watercolor Resist

To make the bunting, we simply hung the paper Easter eggs on a display wire with mini clothespins. You could also use washi tape to tape them up on a wall.

If you wanted something a bit more permanent, you could punch holes at the top of each paper egg and string them together.

Pointillism Easter Egg Art

More Easter Egg Art Ideas for Kids

  1. Pointillism Easter eggs: Use watercolors and Q-tips to make dot designs on Easter egg-shaped paper.
  2. Styrofoam printed Easter eggs: Use the styrofoam printmaking technique to make designs on paper. Great for cards!
  3. Use black glue to make faux stained glass Easter eggs (that link shows hearts, but you can use the technique for Easter eggs, too!)
  4. Shaving cream marbled Easter eggs: Shaving cream marbling is a fun technique that would look great on Easter egg shapes!
  5. Plus, here are 5 MORE Easter Art Activities for Kids!

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Easter Egg Art with Watercolor Resist

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