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Stained Glass Easter Eggs – A Decorative Easter Craft Kids Can Make

by Jean Van't Hul
March 15, 2016

Here’s a pretty Easter craft to do with your kids—stained glass Easter eggs, made by cutting into a paper egg, snowflake style, and adding tissue paper.

An Easter Craft for Kids - Stained Glass Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for an Easter craft to do with your kids, I have a striking one for you.

Stained glass Easter eggs, made by cutting into a paper egg, snowflake style, and adding colored tissue paper over the holes.

They are fun to make and look pretty hanging in a sunny window.

Stained Glas Craft for Kids

We started by making regular “stained glass” panels using this technique, an idea found in that old thrift store arts-and-crafts book I told you about the other day.

I thought that stained glass Easter eggs made with the same technique would look great, so we gave them a try, simplifying the steps a bit in the process.

Here’s how…

Easter Craft for Kids - How to Make a Stained Glass Easter Egg

A Cut Paper Stained Glass Easter Craft

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Making a Symmetrical Easter Egg in Paper

How to Make These Stained Glass Easter Eggs

First, fold your sheet of construction paper in half vertically and draw a half egg on one side. Cut through both layers of paper to create your symmetrical egg.

Draw Shapes Along Center Line of Easter Egg

Draw shapes along the center fold line of your paper egg, then cut them out.

Note: You can also cut them out directly, without drawing them first, as when making a paper snowflake. I cut mine out without drawing them first, but Daphne wanted to draw hers and I helped her cut her shapes out. (In other words, at her request, I cut most of her shapes out for her after she drew them.)

Making stained glass Easter eggs

Open your paper egg, then fold both sides inward.

Draw Shapes Along Outer Lines of Easter Egg

Draw, then cut, more shapes along both folded sides of the paper egg.

Easter Craft for Kids - Stained Glass Easter Egg Step By Step Instructions

Finally, use a glue stick to glue colored tissue paper* to the back of your Easter egg (the side with the white pencil markings). You can do strips of different colors or use one sheet of tissue paper for the entire egg.

Trim the edges if necessary.

*Colored film would be great for this, too! Like that translucent index divider stuff we used for this stained glass art project.

Easter Craft for Kids - Cut Paper Stained Glass Easter Eggs

Pretty neat, eh? (And if you accidentally pasted some of your colored tissue paper on the wrong side of your egg, as Daphne did, hopefully you’ll notice before the glue dries and pull it off.)

Stained Glass Easter Eggs

These stained glass Easter eggs look great with the sun shining through them!

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Easter Craft for Kids - Cut Paper Stained Glass Easter Eggs

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