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A Fall Leaf Drawing Game for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
November 17, 2011
A Fall Leaf Drawing Game for Kids

A couple of days ago, we combined a couple of our family’s favorite drawing activities — leaf drawing and Simon Says drawing — to create these fun fall artworks.

And a new drawing game for kids . . .

Here’s how:


  • Autumn leaves
  • A color photocopier
  • Drawing materials such as pens and markers (we especially liked using metallic Sharpies)


First, we photocopied an assortment of fall leaves onto paper with a sheet for each of us.

This was my idea; I thought if drawing directly on leaves was so fun, then drawing on leaf paper might be interesting to try as well.

Maia’s idea was to use them to play Simon Says drawing (her favorite), so we took turns directing the drawing action.

Even Daphne. Although when it was Daphne’s turn she always said, “Draw Max and Ruby.”

A Fall Leaf Drawing Game for Kids

Other Simon Says drawing instructions included:

Draw hearts (Maia)

Draw zig-zags (me)

Draw flowers all around the paper (Maia)

Draw lines (me)

Draw shining stars (Maia)

Draw a design around a leaf (me)

Draw an egg (Maia)

Draw triangles (me)

A Fall Leaf Drawing Game for Kids

Here are the finished drawings. It was fun trying something different!

The nice thing about drawing on photocopies of leaves is that you don’t have to press them first. Also, you can make any leaf arrangement you like on the copy machine—even leaf men!

How about you? What are your favorite drawing games for kids?

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