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Simon Says, Draw! An Interactive Drawing Activity for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
July 13, 2010
Simon Says Draw - A fun interactive drawing activity for kids and familys

You know Simon says—that game we played as kids?

Well, we’ve turned it into an art game in our house.

A fun, interactive drawing activity for kids and families.

Simon says, “draw circles,” and the artists (in this case Maia and her friend Marlise) draw circles.

Simon also says things like, “trade pastels,” “draw dots,” and “draw a face.”

It’s great fun! We don’t make it competitive at all—more like drawing prompts.


The kids love it!


See how different their drawings are even though they each responded to the same “Simon says” instructions?


I wrote about this fun drawing activity for kids as well as as a group body tracing activity for my column in this month’s WNC Parent magazine.

It’s the birthday party issue, so my article is about art party activities. You can read my column here. Enter page 24 in the page search field at the top of the screen, then click on the page itself to see it large enough to read.

Simon Says Draw Kids Drawing Activity

Let me know if you give “Simon says drawing” a try!

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