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Kiwi Crate Holiday Crafts Kit by Mail

This post contains affiliate links.We had the pleasure of exploring another Kiwi Crate this past week—a gift-making kit in a box. I raved about the one we tried last Christmas, so I knew this one would be a quality experience before the crate even arrived.

Kiwi Crate, one of my blog sponsors, has a new line of holiday-themed crates this year, including “Crafty Christmas,” “Handmade Hanukkah” (which features some our favorite art activities!), and “Gifts Made by Me” (which they sent me for review).

UPDATE 12/1/2014 ::

Kiwi Crate is having an awesome Cyber Monday sale!

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Kiwi Crate Review 07

I’m not one of those people who believe that presentation is everything, but at the same time, I enjoy something that is well put together as much as the next person. And the Kiwi Crate folks to a great job with presentation. Their crates are appealing, thoughtfully organized, and clear. The combination of quality materials, attractive graphics, and concise instructions really makes Kiwi Crate stand out.

Kiwi Crate Gift Crate for Printmaking, Cards, Journals, and Printed Ribbon

Plus the fun activities and projects, of course!

Maia Monoprinting

Our “Gifts Made by Me” crate included a monoprinting activity, materials to turn the prints into notecards and journals, and, to top it off, some white ribbon to decorate with snowflake prints before wrapping it all up gifting to someone.

Here, Maia is creating monoprints of a Christmas tree, a snowman, and another mustachioed Frenchman.

Daphne Monoprinting

Daphne enjoyed the entire process of squeezing out the ink, rubbing it into an evenly thin layer on the plastic sheet with the brayer that was provided, drawing in the ink with a Q-tip, pressing a piece of paper over her design, and lifting to see the print she made.

Monoprinting is one of our favorite art activities and one that we’ve done quite a few times and with quite a few variations. The Kiwi Crate version was well presented, the materials were good (I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of the brayer!), and the instructions clear.

The only thing I didn’t like was the sheet of transparent film which we were instructed to tape to the brown paper. When we rubbed the brayer over it, the paper and film moved and buckled and the tape didn’t stay put. Perhaps if we had taped the brown paper to the table as well, it would have worked fine. Another solution, which we used the second time around, is our favorite monoprinting surface—a cheap acrylic box frame. OR, the smooth, flat bottom of any baking dish.

Kiwi Crate Gifts Crate 05

Activity #2 from the crate involved using the prints to make journals (two plain journals/sketchbooks are provided)…

Kiwi Crate Gifts Crate 07

…and notecards (four blank notecards are provided).

Kiwi Crate Gifts Crate 11

Still following the instructions, Maia wrote holiday greetings in her cards before slipping them into the envelopes provided.

Printing on Ribbon

And then, we printed snowflake designs on the white ribbon…


…and wrapped the journals and cards together.

All in all, it was a very engaging crate. And terribly satisfying for the kids to have nice cards and gifts to present to the special people in their lives.

If you’re interested in ordering your own holiday crate, a regular subscription, or even one of their stocking stuffers, head on over to Kiwi Crate and take a look at what they have to offer.

As they say (and my kiddos and I would concur), their crates are, “Hands on fun, delivered.”

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Kiwi Crate Holiday Crafts Kit

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  1. says

    Maybe I’ll get one of these for the kids (myself) for Christmas. :) I’ve been wanting to try them since I first saw them here.

  2. says

    Looks like a great kit. I love printmaking with my kids! What we use for mono prints is a white glazed tile. They are super cheap at any hardware store and they are heavy enough to stay put when you roll out the ink.