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How to Do Balloon Printing for Kids

by Kate Smith
July 28, 2021

Try balloon printing for kids is a fun process art activity. Use a balloon to stamp paint onto paper and watch the colors blend!

Balloon printing for kids

Balloon printing is great great sensory activity for all abilities and ages. It’s an easy introduction to printmaking for kids with simple materials. And a chance to introduce color families and the color wheel.

For older artists, balloon printing is a way to practice creating patterns and deciding on color combinations to use.

Balloon printing looks similar to tie dye so I like to use brightly colored paints for this project.

Other ways older children can use this technique is making animals using the balloon shape print as the body example a caterpillar is a great one to make out of these printed shapes.

Children can create such impressive prints with such a simple process as balloon printing. Here’s how to do it:

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Balloon Printing for Kids



  1. Blow up balloons

    To begin, blow up the balloon to a medium size so that it is soft enough to stamp and print without popping.

  2. Secure the paper

    Select a piece of white poster paper ( any size will work). Place the paper on the work surface. Then secure the paper with masking tape on all sides.

  3. Prepare the paint

    Pour paint colors onto paper plates in circle patterns. (Start in the middle with one color and work your way around the plate. You can add extra colors for more effects.)

    Balloon painting with plates

  4. Make a print!

    Dip the balloon into the paint, then carefully transfer the balloon to paper. Gently push down to print and lift up carefully.

  5. Repeat!

    Continue with more colors to make patterns.

    Balloon printing for kids

How to Facilitate Process Art

Process art encourages kids to think creatively, independently and imaginatively.

Through open ended art activities, kids are encouraged to use critical thinking skills. They gain confidence while exploring their ideas and the possibilities of the art materials.

And importantly, kids will experiment, make mistakes, test and try again––all part of the learning process.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to encourage open ended art making in kids:

  • Offer self serve art supplies so the child can independently choose colors and materials.
  • Allow children to come and go as they please.
  • Be playful and joyful in the art making process.
Heart garland made from balloon prints

Ways to Reuse Process Art

Cut out designs to make greeting cards, gift bags, wrapping  paper, wall hangings and homemade party decorations,

And remember, by reusing your child’s artwork you are celebrating their creativity and teaching ways to reuse.

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