DIY Gift Bags for Valentines Day


Yes, I’m still printing with these heart doilies. I don’t know what it is with Valentine’s Day and hearts. It’s such a simple image and theme, you’d think I’d tire of it quickly. Some holidays I almost completely skip over, yet every year I seem to get sucked into the Valentine’s theme. But… Before I…

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Soothing heart pillows and more heart doily printing


I'm still loving the heart doily prints! Besides the t-shirts I printed last time, I also printed some hearts on plain fabric — white cotton and natural muslin. These I sewed up into little heart pillows. They are each stuffed with a combination of millet and lavender flowers, so besides being decorative, they can be…

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A collection of painted hearts


Maia painted about twenty of these coffee filter hearts that she told me were to sew on my shirts. She was really very insistent about this — that she had made all these beautiful hearts for me and she wanted me to sew them on my t-shirts. I was touched, but explained that since they…

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Valentine butterflies


This Valentine butterfly idea was all Maia’s. We were cutting out and folding tissue paper hearts yesterday to make these valentine doily suncatchers and she disappeared with one of the pink hearts. When she came back to the table, the heart was glued to a wooden clothespin as butterfly wings. She had even drawn a…

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Heart Rocks for Valentine’s Day


Smooth rocks + fabric hearts & mod podge = rock heart Valentines If you liked these Heart Rocks, then you might like the other Valentine's Day crafts and recipes in The Artful Winter ebook:

Pretzel hearts – stretching the Valentine theme!


Maia and I made these yummy pretzels again yesterday to go with our soup dinner. We made them in heart shapes for Valentine's Day. Not that you can tell. They just look like pretzels. And maybe the heart thing is getting out of hand. But it was fun! Maia's wearing a cute top that her…

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Handmade tissue paper heart doilies


Oh! I'm so excited about these! I made tissue paper heart doilies yesterday, inspired by the papel picado I did last year. And then I turned them into suncatchers! To be honest, a week ago I was not that excited about Valentine's Day and all the hearts. Not that I have anything against hearts. I…

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Stained glass for Valentine’s Day


I love suncatchers and stained 'glass'! Art to capture light. We've made so many different kinds now, many of which are on my artsy ideas list. They even have their own category! It seems like we make a new slew of suncatchers for most holidays and often in between. Last Valentine's day we made these…

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