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A Valentine Activity (Free Printable!)

by Jean Van't Hul
February 14, 2017
Free Valentine Activity Printable for Kids

I have a little gift for you and your family. It’s a printable Valentine activity that you can do today or any day. Now, I realize it’s a bit late for Valentine’s Day this year as it’s the afternoon of February 14th as I post this, but!

This is an activity that you can do any day of the year, with your kids or on your own. It could be a good way to think about values and priorities, a conversation starter, or even a powerful way to begin a vision board.

This printable is based on the Map of My Heart Activity that we’ve been doing year after year, first inspired by the Playful Learning book. In that one, we each draw a heart on a piece of paper and then draw, write, and paint the things that have a place in our heart.

This Valentine activity is similar, but I’m providing a printable as a prompt for you and your family and friends.

Printable Valentine Activity :: What’s In My Heart

Free Printable Activity - Whats In My Heart

Download the “What’s in My Heart” Valentine Printable Here

Print one out for everyone in your family (or just for yourself—it’s up to you!) and sit down with a pen or some colorful art supplies. Use words, drawings, doodles, collage, or paint to show the ideas, people, and things that are important to you.

Printable Valentine Activity for Kids

Or simply decorate the heart if you like!

I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day activity!

3 More Valentine’s Day Activities

  1. A Back-and-Forth Heart Drawing Activity :: These are a Valentine take on the back-and-forth mandala drawings we do around the year. We love the process of creating a join artwork, taking turns adding our own design or layer. I also LOVE the symbolism of “my heart inside your heart inside my heart”! So sweet! I do this with each of my kids separately and we also do three-way heart mandalas.
  2. Make playdough Valentines :: We started with lace prints in playdough, but you can just roll yours out before using a cookie cutter and decorating your hearts with beads and other poke-ins.
  3. Paint a Map of My Heart :: Similar to this activity, but we started with DIY paint-with-water pages.

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Free Valentine Activity Printable for Kids

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