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Collage Easter Eggs with Paper Napkins

by Jean Van't Hul
April 13, 2011

Make these pretty collage Easter eggs with images from printed paper napkins. This project is easy enough for children to do and the results are beautiful.

Collage Easter Eggs with Kids

We made some beautiful collage Easter eggs with the eggs we blew out the other day. Using paper napkins, if you can believe it.

The paper napkin decoupage idea is from Martha Stewart. Here’s her tutorial.

We were planning to use half the blown eggs for this idea (what I wanted to do) and the other half for the oil pastel resist and dye idea (what Maia wanted to do), but in the end Maia wanted to dye them all and asked why we couldn’t just combine the two ideas and glue the paper napkin shapes on top of the dyed eggs.

Well, of course we could. And did.

I LOVE how they turned out!

Collage Easter Eggs with Kids

Collage Easter Eggs with Paper Napkins


  • Eggs, either hard-boiled or hollow
  • Easter egg dye
  • Paper napkins with printed pictures and designs
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint brush

Collage Easter Eggs - Drawing on the Eggs First


Step 1. Dye your eggs.

Actually, before we dyed our hollow eggs, we decorated them with oil pastel drawings. This step is optional, but something the kids wanted to do.

Oil pastels glide on so smoothly and don’t require much pressure—important for fragile blown-out eggs. 

Collage Easter Eggs - Dyeing the Eggs

Then we dyed the eggs with a store-bought kit.

Collage Easter Eggs - Letting them dry

Make sure to let the eggs dry before starting phase two of the project.

Collage Easter Eggs with Kids

Step 2. Cut Out Images from Paper Napkins.

For the next step, we all cut out flowers, butterflies, and random shapes from a set of pretty paper napkins I bought for the purpose.

Collage Easter Eggs with Kids

Step 3. Paste the Paper Napkin Images to the Eggs.

We used watered-down Elmer’s glue and a paint brush to paste the napkin images onto our dyed eggs.

Collage Easter Eggs with Paper Napkins

Step 4 . Admire and Use Your New Eggs

Here are some of my collaged Easter eggs.

Collage Easter Eggs with Paper Napkins

And, um, some more of mine. I’m having a bad Mom moment. I just realized I only took close up photos of my own eggs and not any of Maia’s or Marlise’s.


Have you tried decoupage Easter eggs? If not, give this paper napkin idea a try!

Update: We used our collage Easter eggs to decorate our new Easter egg tree.

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Collage Easter Eggs - Decorating Eggs with Paper Napkin Images

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