Inspire Your Kids with These Creative Drawing Prompts

Creative drawing prompts are one of our favorite drawing activities for kids. They inspire children to draw and think in a different way (often more creatively!) than when faced with a blank piece of paper.

Children creating art work using creative drawing prompts!

Drawing prompts can be anything from “decorate your own _____ ” or “fill in the ______”, to tangle art, abstract art, or more! They help give kids that little bit of inspiration to get their creativity flowing. They’re a perfect activity to offer your kids at home, while traveling, or to occupy time at restaurants or waiting rooms.

Below are some examples of drawing prompts and the creative pictures that children created in response to a simple question and the beginning of a drawing.

Drawing prompts with a simple question and the children's drawings that were inspired by the drawing prompt.

And the best part is that no two drawings would ever be the same, even if an entire group of children was given the same drawing prompt! Because each child will work from their own imagination, interests, mindset, developmental stage, and more when addressing the drawing prompt.

Want to try some creative drawing prompts with your kids? I created a bundle of 20 printable drawing prompts that you can download for FREE at the bottom of this post! 

Plus here are some more ways to use art and drawing prompts that we’ve tried over the years with great success (many over and over again).

5 Drawing and Art Prompt Ideas for Kids

DIY Art Journals for kids using magazine images to inspire your kids creativity!

1. DIY Art Journals for Kids (with Drawing Prompts)

You can make these DIY art journals for kids with recycled and upcycled materials you have around the house. Include drawing prompts such as magazine images altered pages to inspire your kid’s creativity!

Drawing Prompts for Kids with Eye Stickers

2. Drawing Prompts for Kids with Eye Stickers

Create drawing prompts for kids with eye stickers! This is such a fun and playful way to encourage drawing and creative visual expression.

A child given a magazine picture as drawing prompt.

3. Use Magazine Pictures as Drawing Prompts

Cut out magazine pictures to use as drawing prompts that help kickstart kids’ imaginations!

Empty frames as drawing prompt where kids draw portraits or any pictures they can imagine!

4. Fill in the Empty Frames Drawing Prompts

This simple prompt is one of our most used and loved. Inspire your kids’ creativity with this frame art drawing prompt and printable!

Connect the Dots Geometric Art Prompt! A child's artwork created by just connecting the dots and creating simple shapes.

5. Connect the Dots Geometric Art Prompt

Geometric art for kids is easy, fun, and visually striking when made with this connect the dots art prompt. It is a great collaborative art activity for all ages!

Want some more drawing prompt inspiration? Here are a few more ideas:

20 FREE Creative Drawing Prompt Printables for Kids

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