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Hole in Paper Art for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
November 5, 2022
hole in paper art

Hole in paper art activities for kids encourage them to think and create differently. Kids will love the creativity challenge the holes provide!

Updated January 2023

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting art challenge for your kids, you must try hole in paper art.

Many years ago, MaryAnn Kohl suggested to Jean to try the idea of offering paper with a hole cut out of the middle as an art prompt.

It’s been an Artful Parent classic ever since!

There’s something about the negative space that gets the imagination going!

hole in paper art pin
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Hole in Paper Art for Kids



  1. Cut a hole in your paper

    You can do this ahead of time or let your kids do it. You can use a bowl or cup to draw the circles or do it freehand.

    Here are some great ideas from Barbara Zaborowski, a teacher Jean interviewed, who does this with her preschool students:

    Have you tried making the hole off-center? Or making several small holes? Or a large circle and a small one? Or making the paper some random, flowing shape with a perfect square cut-out somewhere in it?

  2. Add art!

    Next, let your child get to it! We guarantee they’ll be inspired to create an image around the hole. They can draw with pens, pencils, or markers, or use paints to create art around the hole.

    hole drawing

    You can also lay the paper with the hole on top of another paper, so your child can draw on the paper underneath.

    You can also do this project over several sessions. First draw with pen or pencil, then add color!

    adding color to hole in paper

If you want to take this art project further, MaryAnn Kohl suggests these challenges:

Try a crazy shaped hole that isn’t even in the middle. Another idea is to glue some shapes onto the paper or glue a yarn piece on the paper. 

We also love the idea of adding stickers (even simple dot reinforcement stickers) to a hole drawing.

hole in paper artwork
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Try hole in paper art with your kids!

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Hole in Paper Art for Kids

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