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How to Make Cardboard Christmas Trees for Kids

by Rachel Withers
December 13, 2021
cardboard christmas trees_rachel withers

These cardboard Christmas trees really shine! They’re super fun to make and are the cutest handmade gifts for the holidays.

We first made these sparkling Christmas trees when my son was a toddler. Each year, we have new renditions that we give as teacher gifts or cards for family and friends.

I like how each year the trees look totally different in true process art fashion.

One year, we reused paint blobs that dried in little cups which made unintentionally awesome little ornaments. More recently, we added stars which really made these trees sparkle!

How to Make Cardboard Trees for Christmas


Time needed: 2 hours.


  1. Cut cardboard into tree shapes

    You may wish to do this first step ahead of time, depending on your child’s age.

  2. Paint your trees

    Next, use a brush to paint your cardboard trees. You can use green, or any color you’d like.

    Set aside and let dry.

    painted cardboard trees _ rachel withers

  3. Add loose parts

    Then glue on whatever loose parts you have at your home. Recycled pouch lids, pom poms, sequins to name just a few!

    cardboard tree and loose parts _ rachel withers

    You can use recycled caps, and even leftovers from your last art project: these are dried paint blobs left too long in cups! We think they make the perfect ornaments!

    adding loose parts to cardboard tree _ rachel withers

  4. Add glitter!

    Finally, add glitter (glitter glue, confetti, or loose glitter) to make your trees really sparkle!

    glitter _ rachel withers

    This probably goes without saying but in order to avoid your house turning into a glitter wonderland, we recommend glittering at the table in a tray (or outside!) and definitely with adult supervision.

    child adding glitter to tree _ rachel withers

    Think about the final design when adding glitter glue or glue for loose glitter. You might add swirls all over or zig zag lines at the bottom of your cardboard trees.

I hope your kids enjoy this sweet Christmas tradition! I like to keep a few trees from each year and enjoy seeing them again each holiday season.

Cardboard christmas trees
Photo by Rachel Withers

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How to Make Cardboard Christmas Trees for Kids
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