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How to Do Styrofoam Printing – A Printmaking Activity For Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
December 3, 2009
styrofoam card printing

Maia and I made some more Christmas cards together by printing with styrofoam — the first activity on our advent calendar.

This was our second attempt at how to do styrofoam printing — this time we were much more successful! The materials make all the difference!

We used printing ink instead of tempera paint, a proper brayer instead of a paint roller, and thicker styrofoam (from a meat tray) instead of a thin styrofoam plate.

Here’s a video showing Styrofoam Printing in action! And don’t forget to keep scrolling for step-by-step instructions on how to use this fun technique to make festive Christmas cards.

How To Do Styrofoam Printing With Kids

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  1. Cut paper

    To begin, cut the thin paper to be the same size as the styrofoam sheet you’ll print with.

  2. Draw design on paper

    Then, draw a picture on the thin paper first. This step is optional, but it means you can draw a few different designs before choosing which one you want to print. It also makes it easier for younger children to transfer their image to the styrofoam.
    Maia made a couple of small drawings to use for her prints, a sun and a “Christmas octopus”.

  3. Trace drawing

    Hold the drawing in place over the piece of styrofoam and trace the drawing with a pencil. You can also use the pointy end of a paint brush, a chopstick or something similar. Press down firmly, but evenly while tracing the image.Drawing paper design on styrofoam.

  4. Assemble printmaking materials

    Gather together a brayer, an acrylic box frame (we use the same one for monoprinting — these are so useful!), two colors of block printing ink, blank cards (watercolor paper folded over), a spoon, and the styrofoam plates (drawings).Styrofoam printing supplies

  5. Ink the brayer

    Squeeze some ink onto the plexi frame and spread it around with the brayer. Once the brayer is coated with an even layer of ink, roll it over your styrofoam drawing.Rolling ink with brayer for styrofoam printing.

  6. Print the design on paper

    Position the styrofoam on top of the paper or card and use a spoon to rub over the paper to help transfer the design.Printmaking supplies: brayer, ink, styrofoam printing plate and printed card.

  7. Let dry

    Either lay your prints out to dry, or hang them using clothespins like we did. how to do styrofoam printing

finished styrofoam printed cards

Et voila! Many styrofoam printed suns and Christmas octopuses (octopi?).

This was so gratifying and fun that I wish we had learned how to do styrofoam printing long ago! With the right materials.

Our brayer is an old one that my Grandma passed on to me, but you can buy them at art supply stores or on Amazon.


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How to do Styrofoam printing

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