Mixing Colors with Mouse Paint

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mouse paint cover

I recently checked Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh out of the library. It's a simple and fun picture book about three mice who find some paint and learn about mixing colors.

The red mouse stepped into a yellow puddle and did a little dance. His red feet stirred the yellow puddle until…

Mouse Paint 1

'Look,' he cried. 'Red feet in a yellow puddle make orange!'

The illustrations are made with paper collage and are bold and effective. Maia and I have both been enjoying this book.
I'd like to try some color mixing with Maia soon. Of course she mixes colors on paper (and in the paint bowls) when she's painting, but at this point the haphazard color mixing usually ends up a muddy brown. I'm thinking of a more specific color mixing project, perhaps with just two colors at a time.


Perhaps we'll try an activity like Gwyn's at My Kids Art. She put yellow and red paint into a plastic bag and let her boys squish it around until it made orange. She said they had lots of fun with it!

I've also read about filling an ice cube tray with water and giving your child a dropper and some food coloring to experiment with color mixing.

Any other color mixing activity suggestions?

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  1. says

    layer tissue paper (wet or not)
    colored glue (food coloring)
    I used to make up spray bottles and squeeze bottles of different colored water (food coloring) and let my kid mix in her water table, the tub, spraying on big sheets of paper taped up outside
    colored translucent plastic like you get on the outside of an easter basket? if you get any of that, hang onto it. playing around w/multiple colors is fun. HTH

  2. says

    Another thing we’ve done a few times in summer is that I freeze different colour ice cubes and then add blue and yellow ones to water, for example, and as they melt the new colour emerges. Easy.

  3. Geselle says

    another fun and yummy activity to do with children is to mix two primary food colors: red, yellow, or blue, into an indivividual size vanilla pudding snack. they don’t don’t only see the creation of the new color, but get to eat it too.