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How to Make Raised Salt Paintings

by Jean Van't Hul
August 28, 2023

Raised salt painting is an all-time favorite kids’ art activity that is loved by all ages from toddlers on up. Glue, salt, and watercolors are all you need for this simple art activity, also known as salty watercolors.

Updated July 2023

Raised salt painting is awesome. We mean, AWESOME.

This is one of our top art activities for kids of all ages. If you haven’t tried raised salt painting yet, now’s your chance!

And best of all, it only requires a few, simple materials! You probably have them all at home right now.

First here’s a video of the salt painting in action, then, below is the step-by-step tutorial for this fun art activity.

raised salt painting pin
photo by Andrea Martelle

Raised Salt Paintings

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*Any sturdy art surface will do. We’ve done this with cardstock, poster board, cardboard, watercolor paper, paper plates, and foam core.

**Liquid watercolors are great for this activity. If you don’t have any, you can make your own by watering down food coloring or even using tempera cakes with a lot of water.

Time needed: 30 minutes


  1. Squeeze glue designs onto your card stock

    Use your glue to draw a design or picture onto your cardstock.

    squeezing glue onto paper

  2. Sprinkle with salt

    Carefully sprinkle salt onto cardstock until the glue is thoroughly covered. Tip to let excess salt fall away. A baking dish or tray helps to contain the salt.

    adding salt to glue

  3. Add color!

    Dip your paint brush into liquid watercolor paint then gently touch to the salt-covered glue lines. Watch the paint magically travel in both directions!

    adding green paint to salt

    If you like, you can use a dropper or pipette instead of a paint brush to add your watercolor paint. We find that this can add a bit too much paint at a time, but we know that many people like this method.

    salty watercolors

  4. Let dry thoroughly

    The drying process may take a day or two.

    raised salt watercolors

Once dry, display your new artwork!

You can use this glue + salt + watercolor technique to write names/words, nature scenes, squiggles and scribbles, faces, and more!

Raised salt paintings are an all-time favorite art activity here at the Artful Parent. And, like those others, it’s one that every kid we know loves, too. It’s even one of our Top 10 All-Time Favorite Art Activities for Kids!

How about you? Have you tried raised salt painting with your kids yet?

raised salt pinterest
Photo by Rachel Withers

People Also Ask

  • What do I need for raised salt painting? All you need for this fun process art activity is white glue, salt, thick paper, paintand paintbrushes!
  • What kind of paint do you use for raised salt painting? We like liquid watercolors but you could also use watered down food coloring, or watered down tempera paint.

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How to Make Raised Salt Paintings How to Make Raised Salt Paintings

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