An artful day

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Rubbing vegetable oil over a crayon drawing to create a transparent stained-glass effect. Idea from one of MaryAnn Kohl's books as usual.



Many drawings of people.


Adding pieces of bleeding tissue paper (with water), to "color" the clothes.


Lots of art happening here.

What are your kids creating these days?

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    I love the oil to make stained glass – in fact just yesterday I was looking at your post about using oil in marbling – the activity which I think has given you the fantastic photo you use in your header – and thinking that would be fun to try. Actually what I’m after right now is an art project which used just black and white – I’ve gone through my books at home and nothing has inspired me. Have you got anything you could suggest?

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    Check out, I just added a post about the art my kids have been doing lately! I LOVE the oil picture, I have to buy that book! I have two of her books, she is great.
    BLACK AND WHITE ART: I love black and white prints. Draw onto foam, like a meat try and paint over it with black, press your plate onto paper and you will have a great print, cheap!

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    I agree with thecrayonbox about black and white prints. Also, so much is effective (visually) in black and white. I’m a big fan of simple drawings in black crayon, oil pastel, graphite, charcoal, etc. Also paintings in just black and white. Have you tried scratchboard?

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    Thanks Jean and The Crayon Box. We did some wax resist painting this afternoon with just black paint, but I think I should get some charcoal as we’ve never used that before. Prints will go down well – we’ve done lots before but normally in bright colours.

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    We do a lot of art. You can see some here:
    We especially like exploring with painting tools (I think paint is my favorite medium). You can see some of oour homemade tools here:
    We did oil on top of a tissue paper collage
    Your blog has inspired a lot of our art. Thanks:)

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    Mica (my three year old) is really into drawing jets and sea creatures. He just recently crossed over into representational drawing (things have arms, eyes, wings, etc.). He tells stories while he is drawing and gets really into it.
    My older son draws all the time, too. He is drawing ghosts, robots, and houses.
    Today we made paper and glitter ornaments for the tree and an origami star for its top.
    Earlier this week, the boys did watercolor painting and we used the leftover paint in the bowls to fill in a few sheets of paper. After they dried, we cut them into leaf shapes. Then, after Thanksgiving dinner, we wrote what we felt grateful for on the leaves, and hung them on our “gratitude tree.” (idea from
    … We’ll see what next week brings!
    Thanks for your wonderful blog!