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Make Your Own Gift Wrap with Office Supplies

by Jean Van't Hul
December 21, 2016
Make Your Own Gift Wrap with Office Supplies

It’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity. For example, did you know that you can make your own gift wrap with a few simple office supplies? Most of which we already have around us? Such as mailing labels, tape, Post-It notes, and stationery store stickers.

I had so much fun coming up with creative wrapping paper ideas for FamilyFun magazine this year when they asked me to help with a gift wrap article.

DIY Gift Wrap with Office Supplies - FamilyFun Magazine
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You can see 12 of the ideas on pages 28-32 of the December issue of FamilyFun. (It’s available online or at magazine stands if you don’t subscribe.)

12 Ways to Upgrade Your Gift-Wrapping Using Office Supplies

Since I came up with so many more ideas than they ended up publishing and since the kids and I had so much fun with this, I thought I’d share some of the outtakes here.

So grab your office stickers and Post-it notes and some plain paper* and try some of these ideas for decorating your gifts this year.

*Bulletin board paper (the kind teachers use) is inexpensive for a BIG roll. I used half-off coupons when I bought mine at the craft store. You can also use easel paper, butcher paper, or brown kraft paper.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap with Office Supplies 

(And a few other things you probably have around the house.)

Plain Wrapped Gifts to Decorate

These gift wrap ideas all start with plain wrapped packages so do that first. Who doesn’t like to decorate a wrapped gift?

Once you wrap your gift with paper in the color of your choice, try one of the ideas below…

Make Your Own Gift Wrap with Labels and Stationery Store Stickers

These first ideas use mailing labels, stationery store stickers, and markers to decorate gifts.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap with Label Stickers

Use mailing labels to decorate gifts. Clockwise from top right ::

  • Candy Cane :: Cut them into strips and apply in a candy cane design. Outline it with a marker, if desired.
  • Cityscape :: Cut into different heights and widths and create a cityscape, complete with marker-drawn windows and doors.
  • Kiss, Hug, Kiss. Two labels cut in half can make Xs. Fold a third label in half, cut out the center, then apply as an O.
  • Zig-Zag Designs :: Cut zig-zags through the center of labels. Apply to a package singly or side-by-side with a gap in between.
  • Words :: Write bubble letters on the labels to make names or seasonal messages.
Make Your Own Gift Wrap with Stationery Store Stickers

Use stationery store stickers and tape to decorate gifts. Clockwise from top right ::

  • Christmas Tree :: Apply strips of washi tape or electrical tape to create a tree.
  • Ribbon Effect :: Combine strips of tape and mini labels or other stationery store stickers to give the impression of an elaborate ribbon.
  • Decorative Label :: Use a Post-It note, index card, or cupcake liner as a gift tag. Attach it to the top of the gift with a decorative array of stationery store stickers, such as hole reinforcement stickers, circle stickers, or foil stars.
  • Holiday Wreath :: Apply circle stickers in a wreath shape.
  • Bunting :: Cut mini labels in half and apply each half along a drawn line to create a holiday bunting.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap :: Interactive Ideas for Kids

These next few gift wrap ideas are a great way to make the gift a bit more interactive before it’s opened. These are best for gifts that will be under the tree for a while before opened.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap - Coloring Page

Tape a page from a coloring book to the top. Kids can color before gifting or, if giving to a child, tape a few crayons or markers to the top and let the recipient color the picture.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap - Fill in the Frames

Add a picture gallery to the top of a gift. Draw blank frames in different shapes and sizes to the top of a package wrapped in white paper. Tape a few crayons to the top of the gift and add an invitation to “Fill the Art Gallery.”

Make Your Own Gift Wrap with Office Supplies - Post It Frames

Or make your gallery of picture frames with Post-It notes and washi tape…

Make Your Own Gift Wrap - Draw the Face

Add a drawing invitation to a gift with DIY eye stickers. Draw irises on circle stickers and add an invitation to “Draw the Face.”

More Fun Ways for Kids to Decorate Gifts

DIY Gift Wrap for Kids - Snowman

Use cupcake liners to make a snowman. Glue white cupcake liners* in a snowman shape (trim them to different sizes if you like), then decorate with pens or markers.

*Okay, so this idea uses a kitchen item rather than an office supply. 

Make Your Own Gift Wrap - Washi Tape Stripes

Add stripes with washi tape.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap with Office Supplies - Fingerprint Garland

Decorate your gift with a string of holiday lights. Draw curving lines across the package then use fingerprints and a stamp pad to create the colored lights.

What do you think? Want to make your own gift wrap with a few items you have around the house? Which ideas do you want to try?

And remember to check out the other 12 ideas in FamilyFun magazine!

12 Ways to Upgrade Your Gift-Wrapping Using Office Supplies

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Make Your Own Gift Wrap for Kids with Office Supplies

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