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Two Nature Inspired Art Activities for Kids

by Lia Salza Goldstein
August 5, 2023

These two nature inspired art projects encourage kids to observe and create with nature. The art activities include observational drawing of flowers and clay leaf printing. Projects and post by Lia Salza Goldstein of Little Loft Studios.

Updated August 2023

“Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”

– Georgia O’Keeffe

The world is a treasure trove of unusual shapes, delicate colors, hidden shimmer.

Not only does nature inspire projects at my children’s art studio, but it also teaches kids the key skill of being an artist and a mindful human: observation.

Kids notice their surroundings. They look carefully. They see beauty in everyday objects. And they take the time to see.

“Can we use this for a project, Ms. Lia?” I hear this question daily as children find treasures along the way. A feather, a rock for painting, a perfect stick for a mobile. And they know I can’t resist a good pinecone!

Here are two different nature-inspired art projects for kids that will encourage them to observe closely and create!

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Nature Inspired Art Activities for Kids

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Nature inspired art for kids – Clay leaf impressions and glitter painted leaves

INSTRUCTIONS Project 1: Leaf Impressions

  1. Gather leaves

    Begin by having the kids collect leaves that they find beautiful. Then flatten and dry them. The leaves should still have enough moisture so that they don’t crack.

  2. Create leaf impression in clay

    Then roll out air dry clay and make an impression of the leaf by pressing it onto the clay. Cut around it with a clay tool or butter knife.


  3. Paint leaf impression

    Finally, allow the clay to dry overnight and paint with tempera or acrylic paint.

    clay leaf impressions

    The finished projects make nice nature-inspired dishes for rings, coins, or more outdoor tiny finds!

Project 2: Flower Study

1. Gather flowers

First, have the children find a flower to observe.

Photo by Lia Salza Goldstein

2. Observe & draw parts of the flower

Next, look carefully at each part. Then, using pencil, draw the flower with attention to shapes, segments, patterns and color.

Photo by Lia Salza Goldstein

3. Paint or color drawing

Lastly, fill in the drawing with colored pencil or watercolor.

I hope you try these nature inspired art projects for kids!

Photo by Lia Salza Goldstein

More Nature Inspired Art Activities

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Two Nature Inspired Art Activities for KidsTwo Nature Inspired Art Activities for KidsTwo Nature Inspired Art Activities for Kids

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