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Nature Art for Kids: 33 Activities to Try

by Jean Van't Hul
April 22, 2016
Nature Art for Kids - 33 Nature Art Activities
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Nature art is the ultimate combination of my two loves.

You know how crazy I am about art. My love affair with nature is even greater, if that’s possible. Yet, to me, they go hand in hand perfectly.

Nature is the original paintbox. All the colors we use can be found in the natural world and all paint pigments and inks were initially made from natural materials, such as plants and stones.

Nature also provides the light that informs how we see the world. And it is the primary source of artistic inspiration from time immemorial.

In fact, here’s a quote about art and nature that I love ::

Art Takes Nature as Its Model - Aristotle Quote

“Art takes nature as its model.” – Aristotle

The other day, I shared 21 Outdoor Ideas for Kids. Today, in honor of Earth Day, I’m putting together a resource of NATURE art activities for kids of all ages  (and, at 39, I still consider myself a kid sometimes).

Kids seem to get nature art intrinsically.

Nature art for kids often combines being outside with physical movement and creative activity.

It’s the perfect trio!

Nature Art for Kids - 33 Nature Art Activities for Children

We like to go for nature walks (which can range from backyard explorations to hikes in the woods), observe the natural world closely, bring treasures back in pockets and backpacks, create seasonal nature tables, and make art with, or inspired, by nature.

Here are lots (and lots!) of interesting nature art activities for kids… Try one today. Put one on the list for next week. And save this list for summertime fun.

Nature Art for Kids

33 Nature Art Activities to Try

Nature Art for Kids - Land Art and Mandalas
Nature Art for Kids - Nature Items as Drawing Prompts
Nature Art for Kids -Flower Printing and Leaf Printing
Nature Art for Kids - Flower Suncatchers
Nature Art for Kids - 3D Nature Suncatcher and a Nature Kaleidoscope
Nature Art for Kids - Rock Art and Nature Chalk Painting
Nature Art for Kids - Leaf Rubbings
Nature Art for Kids - Clay Nature Prints and Clay Faces
Nature Art for Kids - Sunprints and Cloud Painting
Nature Art for Kids - Shadow Tracing and Nature Journals
Nature Art for Kids - Painted Leaves and Pounded Leaves
Nature Art for Kids - Playdough in Nature and Sandcasting
Nature Art for Kids - Nature Weaving and Autumn Leaf Art Projects
Nature Art for Kids - Flower Fairies and Foliage Faces
Nature Art for Kids - Observational Drawing
Nature Art for Kids - Nature Paint Brushes and Craft Materials
10 Ocean Crafts for Kids

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33 ideas for nature art for kids, including land art, journals, & leaf prints. Some of these art activities are inspired by nature; some use nature items.

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