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Christmas Keepsake Stones – A Sweet & Simple Handmade Gift Idea

by Jean Van't Hul
December 12, 2016

Sam here from Color Made Happy. I’ve always been a huge fan of using stones to create special treasures. If you haven’t tried turning ordinary rocks into beautiful pieces of art with your children, now is the perfect time to get started.

Keepsake stones are a wonderful way for children to create handmade gifts for their friends and family for the holidays.

When it comes to decorating your stones, there are endless possibilities. In this tutorial I’m going to share a few of my favorite art supplies to use when creating rock art, and I’ll also share some fun holiday-themed ideas.

3 Ways to Make Christmas Keepsake Stones 

Christmas Keepsake Stones - Snowflake Rocks

This post contains affiliate links. Paint pen snowflake rocks

Not all paint pens are created equal. When it comes to drawing on rocks I’ve found that extra fine point Posca Paint pens work the best. The ink flows out smoothly over the rock, and the pen tips are durable and can withstand being used on rough rock surfaces.

Snowflake rocks make a beautiful gift, especially for someone who doesn’t live where it snows. I liked the magical idea of creating a rainbow of snowflakes. The beauty of drawing snowflakes on rocks is that there is not right or wrong way. You don’t have to, but I often first draw my designs in pencil before going back over them with a paint pen.

Christmas Keepsake Stones - Chalk Rocks

Chalk crayon Christmas rocks

If you’re looking for an amazing art supply that is perfect for kids of all ages, I highly recommend Chalk-o-Rama dustless chalk crayons from International Arrivals. These crayons feel like a waxy crayon, but they draw like chalk but without the dust. Rocks are a perfect surface for letting little imaginations run wild with these chalk crayons.

Christmas Keepsake Stones - Chalk Rocks

When creating keepsake stones with chalk crayons, I recommend using larger rocks because the crayons have a wider drawing tip. It also helps to have children look at images for ideas before they start drawing. This will help spark some ideas if they don’t know where to start. On the Christmas rocks I created, I used a black paint pen for details like the gingerbread man’s eyes and the outline around his body.  

Christmas Keepsake Stones - Snowman Rocks

Acrylic paint snowman rocks

One of my favorite ways to decorate rocks is to use acrylic paint. I love the idea of turning different shaped stones into snowmen for a special keepsake gift.

While acrylic paint might not be for everyone as it’s not washable, I’ve used it with my own son since he was two years old because I love the bright and colorful finish it leaves.

Christmas Keepsake Stones - Snowman Rocks + Acrylic Paint

My favorite is Martha Stewart living acrylic paint.

To start your snowman, paint your rocks with 2-3 layers of white acrylic paint. Make sure to let each layer dry before adding another. Next I use a pencil to sketch out the details.Then, with a very small brush I paint over my pencil sketches. Sometimes I paint several layers to make sure the paint is as bright as it can be.

Sealing your Keepsake Stones

Now that your keepsake stones are finished you can seal them to help make them last longer. A great sealant is this matte acrylic sealant that can be found at your local craft store. I usually spray just a single layer.

Hope you are feeling inspired to paint some rocks. If you are looking for more painted rocks ideas, you can find more examples and ideas on my Instagram page.

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About the Author

Sam of Sam Thrive Living

Sam from Color Made Happy is known for her painted rocks, colorful art, and rainbow-themed aesthetic. Her 10-year background in marketing and branding for a fortune 500 company was great experience for creating her own art and DIY-centered brand when she became a mom in 2011. Since then she has amassed over 20k followers on Instagram, and her work has been featured on Instagram by high profile companies including Starbuck’s, The Huffington Post, and Michaels Craft Stores. When she’s not blogging at Color Made Happy, she regularly blogs for International Arrivals, a creative art supply and stationery company.

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Christmas Keepsake Stones - A Simple Handmade Gift Idea

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