50+ Collage Art Ideas for Kids

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Collage Ideas for Kids

This post contains affiliate links.Collage, or the assemblage of different materials, is one of the foundation art activities for childhood.

Kids can use glue, colored masking tape, stickers, or contact paper to stick their different materials together.

They can collage on paper, cardboard, windows, 3-D objects, and even bodies.

Kids can collage with googly eyes, rainbow feathers, tissue paper, fabric scraps, beans, washi tape, cotton balls, buttons, ribbon, and more.

They can collage small or collage large.

The options are endless!

(For more on collage materials and supplies…)

Ready for 50+ collage art ideas for kids ?


 Fun Collage Art Ideas for Kids

Multimedia Collage Portrait Newspaper Collage for Earth Day Fabric Scrap Collage


Collaged Accordion Book Project Watercolor Painting Over Tissue Paper Collage Wood Collage


Body Collages Explorer Notebooks Pressed Flower People Collage


Magazine Collage Book Contact Paper Collages with the Art Group Handmade Books for a Healthy Planet


Paper Shape Collage Collage at the Easel Collaged Spring Fun Box


Creating A Vision Board Kids' Mixed Media Art Creativity Inspired By Fabric Scraps Making an under the sea book


Collage with Stickers

Painting Stickers from the Stationery Store Contact Paper Sticker Collage Hole Challenge Art with Stickers


Toddlers Sticker Art Activity Collage Rainbow Sticker Art Car Sticker Collage


Decorating Packages with Stickers Draw Your Own Stickers Toddler Sticker Art


Collage with Tape

Washi Tape Collage with Printed Masking Tape Masking Tape Art Flower Crowns

Masking Tape Trees Colored Masking Tape Body Art DIY Glitter Tape and Handmade Christmas Cards


Suncatcher Collage Ideas

Choosing Paper for Your Childrens Art Flower Stained Glass Window Tissue Paper Stained Glass


Suncatcher with Colored Notebook Dividers Flower Mandala Suncatcher Tissue Paper Stained Glass on Contact Paper


Fall Nature Suncatchers String and Yarn Collage Colored tissue paper collage on window


Collage on Unique Surfaces

Collage Cardboard Dollhouse DIY Collage TShirts Doll Sticker Decoration


Pampered By Stickers Washi Tape Easter Eggs Decoupage Easter Eggs

Leaf peepers a fun and easy fall craft for kids Glitter Leaves A Simply Beautiful Autumn Leaf Craft


Collage Art Supplies

Collage Art Supplies Container Art Supply List Choosing Paper for Your Childrens Art

Drawing and Feather Collage Dyed Pasta for Collage

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Collage Art Ideas for Kids

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