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Paper Collage for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
September 12, 2011

Sisters Maia and Daphne

I love to see these two girls of mine interacting. They play the funniest made-up games and give the sweetest hugs (and know how to push each other’s buttons, but we won’t go into that…). They also inspire each other, whether in play or art. Usually it’s Daphne who is learning from and emulating Maia, but the inspiration goes both ways.

I wanted to share a day when the kids made some paper collage art…

Paper Collage for Kids

Paper Collage for Kids


Toddler Cutting with Scissors

Daphne has been obsessed with scissors lately (thanks, Marin!) and has been spending a lot of time cutting bits of construction paper over the last few days.

(Note: I periodically show her how to hold the scissors most effectively, but then she goes back to holding them any which way.)

Cutting paper for a collage art activity

Maia has caught the paper cutting bug and has been cutting little bits of paper alongside her sister.

Doing Cut Paper Collage with Kids

And then using all her colorful paper bits to make collages.

Cut Paper Collage with Kids

I love how she glued her paper shapes to the white paper then went to find a large piece of black poster board to continue the piece.

Paper Collage with Kids

And here she drew a spiral then began filling it in by creating a pattern within the lines.

Daphne started doing some collaging as well, because Maia was, but soon went back to her very important work of learning how to cut. I think I’ll try letting her cut playdough snakes today…

How about your kids? Do they inspire each other artistically? Or, if you have an only, does he seem inspired by the art that his friends make?

By the way, here are 9 more ideas for paper collage for kids.

And if you’re looking for more cutting practice ideas for little kids, try playdough, straws, or yarn

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Paper Collage with Kids

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