75+ Creative Drawing Ideas for Kids

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75+ Creative Drawing Ideas for Kids - So many ideas encouraging creativity, building drawing skills, and having fun

Looking for creative drawing ideas for kids?

Picking up a crayon and making marks on paper is often the very first art activity for young children. Drawing requires very little in the way of materials (simply a sheet of paper and a drawing tool), is easy and engaging for all ages and levels of ability, and is usually mess free.

Drawing allows children to:

  • EXPRESS themselves
  • PROCESS their world
  • EXPERIMENT with ideas and techniques
  • MAKE ART anywhere
  • INTERACT with others
  • & develop FINE MOTOR SKILLS

Here are over 75 creative drawing ideas for kids! These ideas, activities, and posts that include drawing games, creative drawing prompts, and experimenting with unique drawing surfaces. In addition, there is information for parents about drawing supplies, how to talk to kids about art, and drawing at different ages.


Creative Drawing Prompts

DIY Frame Wallpaper for Childrens Drawing Totoro Challenge Drawings Challenge Drawings


Hole Drawing Frames for Drawing Kai-Lan and Ways to Inspire Creative Drawing


Drawing to Music with Children Drawing Faces on the Chalkboard Drawing on Usborne Activity Cards


Creative Drawing Prompts for Kids Painting Tiny Hole Drawings and Paintings


Paper Doll Art


Drawing Games for Kids

Quiet Time Art Game for Children Simon Says Draw Interactive Mandalas


Follow the Leader Drawing Game Mazes and Dot to Dots Paper Leaf Drawings


A Back-and-Forth Drawing Game


More Creative Drawing Ideas for Kids!

Shaving Cream Drawing on the Window Shaving Cream Drawing on the Mirror Stained Glass Melts


DIY Childrens Birthday Party Invitations Window Drawing Drawing Big


Melted Crayon Stained Glass Window Tape Resist Drawings Melted Crayon Multi Media Drawings


Scratch Art Drawing Drawing with India Ink


Unique Drawing Surfaces

Leaf Drawing and Doodling  Drawing on a Cake Window Crayon Doodles


Melted Crayon Drawing on Easter Eggs Drawing on Cupcakes Thanksgiving Leaf Garland


Drawing in Explorer Notebooks Sticker Resist Drawing on Easter Eggs Melted Crayon Art Blocks


Sandpaper Drawing Easter Egg Ideas for Kids Drawing in Frames Decorate Your Own Puppy Dog


Why I Framed My Ten Thousand Villages Bag Leaf peepers a fun and easy fall craft for kids


Drawing on Fabric

Hand Drawn Pinafore Pockets Drawing on Fabric Garden Wish Flags Pillow Decorated with Sharpies


Fabric Transfer Drawings for T-shirts Kid-Made Banner Purple Monster Costume Drawing


T-shirt transfers iron on a fave childs drawing to a tshirt Fabric Transfer T-shirt Art for Kids Decorating Flying Kites Decorate Your Own Kite Giveaway


Sharpie Tie Dye Comfort Pillows from Crafting Connections Magazine


Chalkboard Drawing Ideas for Kids

Chalkboard Drawing Ideas Mazes on the Chalkboard Fill in the Jack o Lantern Faces


Painting with Water on the Chalkboard Drawing for Grandma Layered Chalkboard Drawings

A Summer Fun List on the Chalkboard


Observational Drawing Activities for Kids

Observational Drawing Fruit Observational Drawing from a Book Drawing Flowers


Observational Drawing with Kids-- Using a Wood Human Figure


Drawing Supplies for Kids

Drawing Art Supplies Choosing Paper for Kids Art New Art Materials Inspire Creativity


Watercolor Crayons Portable Art Satchel Marker Roll


Shaped Crayons My Weekend in Philly and Maia's New Art Book Inspiring Creativity with Crayon Wallets from Mama May I Shop


Art with Building Blocks Some Christmas Making Baking and Experimenting (Advent Color Book) 10 new kids art materials we tried in 2013


Our 25 favorite kids art materials The best tools for a successful kids art experience Testing Metallic Drawing Materials on Black Valentines

Info for Parents about Kids Drawing

How to Talk About Your Kids Art  Children Draw Realistic Images Susan Striker Developmental Stages in Drawing


My New Morning Ritual and Writing in our Family Soaring on Wings of Creativity Art for Playdates Making it Work


Studio changes again Kids' art on a budget 5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids Creativity Today


Creative Drawing Ideas for Toddlers

Marker Holders Chalkboard Masterpiece Drawing on Different Art Surfaces


First Taste Toddler Drawing Mixed Media Notecards Does your child ask you to draw for them


Creative Drawing Ideas for Preschoolers

Storytelling Through Art  Zen Tray for Sand Drawing  Tracing and Painting Shapes


Tracings on the Floor Look What Daphne is Drawing! Why I Framed My Ten Thousand Villages Bag



Creative Drawing Ideas for School-Age Kids

Repetition in Childrens Art Kids How to Draw Book Art Journaling with Kids


Hand Turkey Drawings Turkey Drawing Follow Up Thumbprint Art


Thought Bubbles Drawing with kids using the Monart Method 1 Drawing with Kids Using the Monart Method Lesson 1 Continued

Drawing with Kids Monart Method lesson 2


Posts Showing Children’s Drawings

Childrens Drawings House of Color Drawing Cats Family Drawing


Labeled Drawings in Maias Book First Realism Drawing Faces


A Chalkboard Drawing Turkeys, Frenchmen, and other Kids' Drawings Around Our Home Maia's spring pencil drawing of a mama bird with her nest


Happy St. Patrick's Day Paper Doll Art 10 Things I'm Loving This Summer

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