Playdough Pumpkin Faces - A Fun Halloween Decorating Activity for Kids

Make Awesome 3D Pumpkin Faces with Playdough and Poke-Ins

The kids and I decorated pumpkins with playdough Jack-O’-Lantern faces yesterday, inspired by the awesome Deborah Stewart of Teach Preschool (and that I shared in my post on The Best Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids). Such a fun Halloween activity! EASY PUMPKIN FACES WITH PLAYDOUGH & POKE-INS MATERIALS Pumpkins Playdough (homemade or store bought) Garlic press…

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Learning How to Draw Portraits with an Online Drawing Class

How to Draw Facial Features

Remember how much we all got out of that printable on drawing faces? Well, after drawing some faces with that, I decided to take an actual class on how to draw facial features to see the techniques in action and to dive more in-depth into portrait drawing. The class is another online drawing class on Craftsy, which…

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Follow The Rockin' Art Moms Boards on Pinterest for Creative Inspiration, Kids Art, and Tutorials

The Rockin’ Art Moms Kids Art Blogs

Hello, my friends! I’ve been wanting to write a post for a while now to share some of my favorite kids art blogs to give you some new go-to sites for children’s art ideas. And many of my faves, such as Meri Cherry, Art Bar Blog, and Babble Dabble Do are part of a group called Rockin’…

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The easiest ever diy glow in the dark skeleton costume

The Easiest Ever Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume

We’ve just made the easiest ever glow in the dark skeleton costume! It was so easy my kid made it. Mostly. And at the same time we’ve discovered a fun new way of decorating and personalizing our clothes. And not with fabric paint, or appliques, or transfer paper, or any of the many, many ways…

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The Ultimate Spider Web Crafts and Activity Guide

Spider Web Crafts and Activities :: The Ultimate Guide

Spiders and spider webs are all around us—an important part of the natural world that we are all familiar with. Halloween has laid claim to spiders because of many people’s fears and misconceptions. Personally, though, I find spider webs beautiful. And spiders, if not beautiful, don’t scare me. (Don’t get me started on cockroaches, though!) Whether you…

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Taking Time for Creativity with Online Art Classes

Taking Time for Creativity with Online Painting Classes

As parents, it’s too easy to let our own interests and our own creativity get buried under the mountain of responsibility that comes with raising a family. I know I am guilty of this—even while doing my best to encourage creativity in my children (and other children around the world). But let’s not forget our…

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Strewing is the art of casually yet strategically leaving “invitations” for learning and creativity out for your kids to discover on their own.

The Art of Strewing

Do you strew? If not, I’m going to encourage you to give strewing a try this week. I first learned about strewing when I interviewed Kristen Marra of Pepper Paints years ago and have practiced it myself ever since. I included a section on strewing in The Artful Parent book (pages 23-26) and have probably mentioned strewing in…

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Glue Resist Art Activity for Kids

Glue Resist Art Project for Kids

You know how much children like to squeeze glue bottles? Well, here’s a glue resist art project for kids that gives them the opportunity to squeeze out glue to their hearts content. And then to paint the whole thing once the glue has dried. We did this with Halloween themes, just ’cause Halloween is around the corner,…

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