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Collage Art Ideas for Kids

More Than 50 Collage Art Ideas for Kids
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Looking for collage art ideas for kids? I have more than 50 for you here on The Artful Parent!

Collage, or the assemblage of different materials, is one of the foundation art activities for childhood.

Collage Materials and for Kids Art

Kids can use glue, colored masking tape, stickers, or contact paper to stick their different materials together.

They can collage on paper, cardboard, windows, 3-D objects, and even bodies.

Kids can collage with googly eyes, rainbow feathers, tissue paper, fabric scraps, beans, washi tape, cotton balls, buttons, ribbon, and more.

They can collage small or collage large.

The options are endless!

Fun Collage Art Ideas for Kids

Collage Art Ideas for Kids with Paper

Collage with Paper

Paper collage often combines cutting or tearing paper into various shapes with gluing and assembling.

Collage Art Ideas for Kids with Mixed Media

Mixed Media Collage

A mixed-media collage is a composition created from various materials. We sometimes like to combine papers, fabrics, buttons, googly eyes, and/or pasta shapes.

Collage Art Ideas for Kids with Stickers

Sticker Collage Ideas

If your kids are as in love with stickers as mine are, you might like to try some sticker collage art with them.

3D Collage Art Ideas for Kids

3D Collage Art Ideas for Kids

More three dimensional than most, these ideas combine collage with a somewhat sculptural feel.

Collage Art Ideas for Kids with Tape

Collage with Tape

Create designs, pictures, or abstract pictures with tape.

Collage with Contact Paper

Many contact paper collages are also stained glass or suncatcher crafts, but not all.

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Collage Art Ideas for Kids - 50+ Collage Activities for Children
Collage Art Ideas for Kids


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