Lots of felt board goodness

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I’ve been in the mood to look back at some of what we’ve done here (like the recent post of all our suncatchers and stained glass). So today I’m posting a round-up of our felt board ideas and pieces as well as some links to other cool felt board ideas. Feel free to add links to your own in the comments!

Here are the felt board ideas pictured above


The felt board ideas pictured above


There are so many other ideas out there, as well!

Here are some more felt board ideas I’ve found and think I’d like to get around to making someday ::

Not to overwhelm you with ideas or anything…

Here’s what I think. People are either felt board people or they’re not. It’s not like painting. Everyone likes painting. If you’re into felt boards, you’ll probably like this list. If you’re not, just ignore it.

So, are you a felt board person?

This is one of a series of themed round-up posts on great art activities we’ve enjoyed at The Artful Parent. I’ve also done round-ups on watercolors, on tempera paint ideas, on suncatchers and stained glass, on printmaking for kids, on homemade art materials, and on nature art ideas.

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  1. [email protected] says

    Dear Jean,
    I’ve been reading your blog for ages and have yet to comment. I’m constantly benefiting from your fantastic craft ideas – and am so happy I found your blog several months ago.
    I have a three year old and a seven month old, so I very much appreciate your adventures in parenthood. It seems we are often going through the same things!
    I had a quick question about the felt board. What type of felt did you use to construct the board? And the cut-outs? Also, and this may be obvious, but what do you use to attach the felt to the felt board? Or does it stick by itself?
    My daughter fell in love with Maia’s letters & numbers set and the animals you recently made!

  2. says

    Fuzzy felt, as we call have always called it, was my most favourite play thing as a little girl. I love the idea of making home made fuzzy felt, what a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. says

    I love your creative ideas, though my children (10 & 8)have (I think) outgrown this particular activity. But I love reading about this nonetheless.

  4. Becky says

    Thank you Jean! Your reply is very helpful. With inspiration from your site, I’m planning a ‘roll-up’ felt mat that we can use for traveling… and hanging up when we’re home.
    What fun!

  5. says

    Becky, Thanks for the lovely comment! I used wool felt to make the felt board, but you can use any kind or even flannel. For the cut-outs I use both wool and nylon although more nylon. Felt has a nap to it that makes felt stick to felt or felt stick to flannel. It kind of works like a low-key velcro.

  6. Jennifer says

    Thank you for putting all these ideas together in one post, I can’t wait to check out these links. And thank you so much for adding a link to my blog! My son still plays with that blue monster nearly everyday.
    I added your blog to my blog reader a while back and love all of your ideas.

  7. Grace says

    You said everyone likes painting, I don’t. Probably coz I don’t know how to or ever been taught how to. Also never done the felt thing, I have a 18 month old and one coming in a few weeks. What age would you say would be appropriate for felt play?

  8. says

    Hi Jean, thanks so much for stopping by Craft Schooling Sunday and sharing this great idea! Hope to see you again, and thanks for all the wonderful inspiration! Sara/creativejewishmom.com