Watercolor Techniques :: 60+ Watercolor Projects Kids Love

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60 Watercolor Techniques for Kids

Watercolor paints are one of our family’s favorite art materials.

We’ve used them for everything from straight painting, to printing, doing watercolor resist activites, and multimedia art projects, as well as for various science experiments and dyeing a range of items.

Here are over 60 watercolor techniques and ideas for kids and families to explore together, including:


Watercolor Projects Kids Love – Our Favorites!

Salty Watercolors 2  Flower Printing with Watercolor Stamp Pads  Two Watercolor Techniques Combined


Shaving Cream Marbling with Liquid Watercolors  Printing with Yarn and Liquid Watercolors  Watercolors over Melted Crayon Drawings


Watercolors :: The Art Material

Liquid Watercolors One of Our Favorite  Art Materials  Watercolor Crayons Art  Make Homemade Watercolor Paints


Choosing Paper for Childrens Art  How Toddlers Explore Art and Their World  Kids Art Supply List

Watercolor Resist Art Projects for Kids

Watercolors over Melted Crayon Shavings  Watercolor Resist on Wood  Rainbow Stained Glass Window


Crayon Resist Butterflies  Jan Brett Inspired Mitten Painting Activity  Watercolor Resist with Contact Paper


Leaf Rubbings and Liquid Watercolors  Leaf rubbing stained glass  Crayon Leaf Rubbings A Summery Banner on the Window


Stained Glass Melts  Multimedia Hole Paintings  Rubber Cement and Watercolors


Snow Painting Technique  Sticker Resist Starry Night Cards An artful tape resist message


A stained glass bunting for the window


Printing with Watercolors

Watercolors and Saran Wrap  Flower and Leaf Printing with Liquid Watercolors  Watercolor Flower Prints with Saran Wrap


Watercolors with Coffee Filters

Coffee Filter Garlands  Coffee Filter Snowflakes  More Painted Coffee Filter Snowflakes


Watercolor Coffee Filter Butterflies  Coffee Filter Hearts  Coffee Filter Hearts Framed


Multimedia Watercolor Art

Watercolor Painting over Tissue Paper Collage  Watercolors and Oil Pastels with the Toddler Art Group  Watercolors Over India Ink Drawings


Melted Crayon Heart Valentines  Mixed Media Watercolor Notecards  Watercolor Heart Map


More Watercolor Art Projects

Watercolors A Child's Work  Tissue Paper Watercolor Wrapping Paper  Salty Watercolors 1


Marbling with Liquid Watercolors and an Oil Suspension  Kids Wood Sculpture Painted with Liquid Watercolors  Painting Stickers from the Stationery Store


Homemade Valentines for Preschoolers  Cotton Ball Printing with Liquid Watercolors  Watercolor Painting Valentines with the Toddler Art Group


Flower and Leaf Printing with Liquid Watercolors  Painting Big with Watercolors  Art Blocks Melted Crayon on Wood


Painting Tiny  Spray Painting with Kids  Painting with Water Japanese Brush Painting


Painting with Water on the Chalkboard Painting heart doilies a valentines day bunting


Beyond Art

Melting Ice Science Experiment with Salt and Liquid Watercolors Painted Birdhouses Clean Mud with Watercolors


Erupting Colors An Art and Science Activity  Duo Colored Flowers Science Experiment  Painted Daisies Artful Science Experiment


Easter Egg Dyeing with Liquid Watercolors  No Cook Playdough Recipe  Painting Homemade Beads with Watercolors


Kool Aid Marbled Easter Eggs

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Watercolor Techniques for Kids - More than 60 Fun Watercolor Art Projects

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