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11 Fun Watercolor Ideas for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
April 7, 2024
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Here are some of our favorite watercolor ideas for kids. These projects are easy, fun for a variety of ages, and produce lovely works of art!

Updated April 2024

Watercolors are easily one of our top favorite art materials for little kids! We use liquid watercolors and watercolor palettes. We also love these tempera paint pods that act like a watercolor (they’re pricey but the pods are large and last forever!).

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For paper, we like watercolor paper, which is thick and doesn’t warp with the watercolors. If you want to get fancy, try this circular pad of watercolor paper! You can also use mat board remnants from frame shops (free!) or the matte side of poster board (super cheap).

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Here are some of our very favorite watercolor craft ideas for kids! We hope you try them all!

watercolor ideas pin
Photo by Rachel Withers

Watercolor Ideas for Kids

constellation space art with saran wrap technique
Photo by Anna Harpe

1. Geometric Watercolor Art

Geometric watercolor art is beautiful and easy to make with this saran wrap technique. Simply paint with watercolors, then scrunch saran wrap up on top of wet paint. Let dry and see your unique geometric designs!

moon watercolor painting
Photo by Rachel Withers

2. Paint Watercolor Planets with Rubbing Alcohol

Learn how to use paints and rubbing alcohol to make beautiful watercolor planets. Create your own mini universe with this fun art activity!

Photo by Catalina Gutierrez

3. Painting Lace

Learn how to paint lace with kids using liquid watercolors. Then turn the colorful lace into a beautiful wall hanging!

watercolor painted geodes _ danielle falk
Photo by Danielle Falk

4. Paint a Watercolor Geode

Learn how to paint a watercolor geode in 5 easy steps! A wonderful watercolor painting activity to pair with learning about geodes and rocks.

Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

5. Make Flowers with Paper Plates

Create 3D watercolor flowers using paper plates with a few things you likely have at home right now. Find out how to cut and paint giant flowers for a fun and relaxing watercolor art activity for kids.

salt on watercolors
Photo by Andrea Martelle

6. Try Watercolor Painting with Salt

Get a starry night sky effect by painting with watercolors and salt. This easy watercolor technique produces a beautiful star-studded sky.

Child painting colorful circles and dots for Yayoi Kusama Inspired Dot-Paintings
Photo by Catalina Gutierrez

7. Make These Amazing Yayoi Kusama Inspired Dot Paintings

Create amazing and colorful dot paintings inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. You can use a variety of art materials with this project, including watercolors.

watercolor resist on canvas (1)
Photo by Andrea Martelle

8. Watercolor Crayon Resist on Canvas

We love wax resist painting and this one is especially fun! Watch crayons melt on a heated canvas for a vibrant piece of artwork.

Painted watercolor butterflies
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

9. Paint Butterflies with Liquid Watercolors

How to paint butterflies with liquid watercolors using the rubbing alcohol technique for the decorations on the butterfly wings. This is a fun art idea for kids of all ages, and adults, too!

painting self portrait
Photo by Lauren Signorelli

10. Draw Abstract Self Portraits

Learn how to draw abstract self-portraits for kids in 6 simple steps! Then paint with watercolors to make the portraits pop!

paper twirler
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

11. DIY Paper Twirlers

These colorful paper twirlers are easy to make and mesmerizing to watch! Make and decorate your own beautiful paper twirlers using the watercolor resist painting technique.

What do you think? Which of these fun watercolor ideas will you try?

More Watercolor Ideas for Kids

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11 Fun Watercolor Ideas for Kids 11 Fun Watercolor Ideas for Kids

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