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5 Must Have Art Supplies for Beginners

by Rachel Withers
March 5, 2023
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Here’s the short list of art supplies for beginners that kids just can’t live without! These are art materials that kids can use for a wide variety of art projects.

Updated March 2023

Our team put their heads together and here’s the (short) list of art supplies that we can’t live without. (If you’re looking for the long list, we’ve got that too!)

Especially if you’re just getting started, these are art supplies that our own kids use A LOT! They also make great gifts for the kids in your life.

Art Supplies for Beginners

1. Tempera paint sticks

These are amazing, easy and a mess free way to paint. Although not an alternative for regular ole painting with a brush, we love the flexibility these paint sticks offer with vibrant, bold marks.

2. Oil pastels

Faber-Castell makes a high quality oil pastel for an easy entry price of around $5 at our local toy store. You can also find this set on Amazon if not locally. Crayola’s neon oil pastels also make a long lasting set.

3. Watercolor paint

A good set of pan watercolors can last quite a long time. These appropriate for pre-k on up. If you’re looking for a toddler, we recommend starting with liquid watercolors, which are more age appropriate.

4. Big roll of paper

I like Pacon paper, but Melissa & Doug have a great roll + paper holder option available. If you have an IKEA nearby, we use their budget paper roll quite often. (You can also purchase a paper holder to pair together.)

Roll it out big on the floor, hang a big piece of paper on the back of a door. Or spread out on your table.

5. Plastilina Clay

Modeling clay is one of my kids’ top favorite art supplies. It’s pretty cheap, never dries out and can be used for SO many sculpting projects. I truly can’t imagine art life without it! (Appropriate for ages 3+.)

All the above art supplies are long lasting and versatile––giving you the flexibility to set up a myriad of art activities with them.

Along with these, you likely have lots of recycled materials around your own home such as cardboard boxes, cereal boxes and brown packing paper that can be used as canvases for your kids art.

How about you? What would add to the short list of art supplies kids can’t live without?

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MORE Art Supplies for Beginners

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5 Must Have Art Supplies for Beginners


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