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Creating a Vision Board Book – Fold-Up and Portable!

by Jean Van't Hul
March 14, 2013
portable vision board

Creating a vision board book for your goals and dreams is easy with this simple DIY accordion book format.

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This week I created a vision board and wanted to share a bit about the process.

This one is an accordion-fold portable vision board.  I can fold it up as a book and take it with me (when I travel, for example) or stand up in my office to look at for inspiration when I’m home.

I LOVE this new format!

This wasn’t going to be a vision board week. It was going to be a catch up on my to-do list week. A taxes week (ugh!). And a clean the house week.

But the kids were both sick. I was sick. And the taxes definitely didn’t want to be done (I asked politely).

So this is what I did instead…

UPDATE! I am offering a vision board workshop now! In this online workshop, I walk you through my process of creating a vision board that works, including all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way for creating it, activating it, and living into it. I hope you will join me!

Creating a Vision Board Book – Fold-Up and Portable!

Clipping art and words for portable vision board

1. Cut out photos and words

First, I browsed through magazines and cut out images of sunshine and birds, palm trees and art.

I administered doses of medicine and I made cup after cup of tea with honey for all members of the family.

And I kept on clipping words about spring and color, magic and healing.

Creating a Vision Board

Maia slept away an afternoon, curled up in a ray of sunshine. The words “walking pneumonia” were suggested when we went to the doctor’s office…

Creating a Vision Board

Daphne worked beside me at the table, coughing and covered in a mysterious full-body rash, but undaunted as she filled paper after paper with color.

2. Glue File Folders Together

Creating a Vision Board

I’ve been making vision boards for years and love the process. Love the product. This is the first time I’ve used the accordion book format, though.

To create the base, I glued together sturdy file folders, which worked perfectly.

How to Make a portable vision board

3. Arrange portable vision board

I clipped phrases such as “show your true colors,” “live life to discover,” and “A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire, for the mind as well as the body” (a Ben Franklin quote). I found images of journaling, yoga, and birds.

Slowly, slowly, the words and images came together and I pasted them into a double-sided accordion book.

I arranged and rearranged images and words, weaving together layers of meaning that spoke to my soul.

I was on a mission I didn’t even know I needed to be on.

Creating a Vision Board

Last week, I walked out of The Artist’s Way course discussion about integrity in tears. The theme of this week’s reading is possibility, which I find so wonderfully inviting.

Creating a vision board became a natural way to process what both of these mean for me.

Expanding On My Portable Vision Board

Right Brain Business Plan Book

The inspiration for the accordion format is from a book I picked up during my February blogging break called The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee.

Creating a Vision Board

With the subtitle of “A Creative, Visual Map for Success,” I knew it was just the sort of business plan I needed could handle.

While I didn’t start out creating this particular vision board as a business plan, I found myself adding elements about my blog and my books.

Creating a Vision Board

For example, I have a little calendar taped onto one page (with washi tape!) so I can add blog tour dates and bookstore events.

Creating a Vision Board

There are  ideas for tweaking my blog written on flip-up cards next to collaged words about making a difference through giving artful ideas.

Creating a Vision Board

And I jotted down a list of ideas for getting the word out about my new book.  It’s on a card that slips into a pocket (envelope) taped to another page of the vision board.

Creating a Vision Board

All in all, this vision board is just the right mix of happy-making images and words that strike a chord with me, as well as a motivating (yet loose) plan. And I just love how it folds up like a book that can be flipped through and carried anywhere!

The perfect portable vision board.

Accordian Style Portable Vision Board on Display

Or, unfurled along a shelf in the office to provide regular inspiration…. Here it is standing before the wall-hung vision board I made at the beginning of the year.

Do you make vision boards? If so, I’d love to hear about your process!

How to Make a Vision Board with magazine images, glue, and poster board

More on Making & Using Vision Boards

(More posts and I’ve written on the subject + a vision board workshop that I’m offering!)

A Vision Board Workshop by Life Dreamery

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Creating a vision board book for your goals and dreams is easier than you might think. Use this simple DIY accordion book format to make it portable and easy to display (it stands up on its own)! #visionboard #goalsetting #dreams #goals #lawofattraction

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