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6 Inspiring Vision Board Examples and Ideas

by Jean Van't Hul
June 17, 2011

These vision board examples use magazine pictures, photos, and words in collage form to achieve goals and reach intentions.

Make a Vision Board - Ideas and Inspiration

You know I’m a visual person, right? Images hold a tremendous amount of power for me. I like words, too, but they flow in and out of my head without catching hold quite the way that images do.

I’ve told you that I plan my life with 3×5 index cards, and that’s true, but I also plan my life through collage.

I assemble images and words that speak to me (mostly cut from old magazines) into a visual reminder of what I’m about and what I want to focus on.

In other words, I make a vision board for myself.

I’ve also heard these called dream boards, goal boards, and inspiration boards. But I call them vision boards.

I usually do this around the New Year and possibly again at some point if I’m feeling the need to readdress my values and goals (or just want to play around with pictures, scissors, and glue).

UPDATE! I am offering a vision board workshop now! In this online workshop, I walk you through my process of creating a vision board that works, including all the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way for creating it, activating it, and living into it. I hope you will join me! I’ll share my best ideas for both digital and physical vision boards.

Make a Vision Board - Example 2

I’ve always been a little embarrassed by this and haven’t exactly advertised this habit of mine. My friends might see one of my life collages hanging up, but I don’t tend to talk about them. Just like I wouldn’t necessarily share a private journal entry.

Make a Vision Board - Example 4

But maybe I’m changing. I don’t know. Maybe I’m maturing enough that I can bare myself a bit and not get too embarrassed.

Make a Vision Board - Example 6

Anyway, I just came across a stack of old life collages or vision boards that I didn’t realize I had kept. Collages that go back six years or so.

Make a Vision Board - Examples

And I was amazed!

Make a Vision Board - Example 3

Amazed at the themes that continued from collage to collage. Amazed at how much the images and words that I chose and arranged years ago still resonate with me now.

And I got so excited that I hung a whole wall full of them in the office!

6 Vision Board Examples

My Wall of Vision Boards

Six full-sized poster board collages of dreams, ideas, and intentions all snuggled up together above my sewing desk.

Make a Vision Board - Example 5

It’s making me so happy right now and I thought I’d share a few snapshots with you.

Make a Vision Board - Example 7

And, yes, vision boards work. I’ve written a book, taught art, gardened with my kids, and more.

I’m wondering if any of you do something similar.

Do you make life collages, vision boards, or goal boards?

More Vision Board Ideas (My Posts + A Free Workbook)

(Here is more I’ve written on the subject + a vision board workshop that I’m offering!)

How to Make a Vision Board with magazine images, glue, and poster board

A Vision Board Workshop by Life Dreamery

Even More Vision Board Examples (By Others)

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Vision board examples to inspire and get you started. These vision board examples use magazine pictures, photos, and words in collage form to achieve goals and reach intentions. #visionboard #goalsetting #dreams #goals #lawofattraction

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