Amanda Bright of Brighter Art Studios

c. 2018 for Amanda’s business, but her art journey began 10 years prior

Amanda Bright of Brighter Art Studios


Our toddler art group started because I had a 3 year old and was tired of not having fun things to sign her up for. I also had several friends in the same boat at the same time. A few years prior I read about a toddler art group on The Artful Parent, and kept thinking about it.

As a trained artist and a former art teacher, I had the skills and didn’t mind toddler artistic messes.

content inspiration:

My classes are for 2-5 year olds. We do a lot of process art in the toddler classes. My 2 year old students can explore and play and make delightful messes and my 5 year old students can do the same, but on their own level. I’ve found they all learn from observing each other, no matter what the age.

I get most of my ideas from Instagram and a few of my favorite websites like The Artful Parent and Deep Space Sparkle. Then I adapt the lessons for our needs and abilities. Occasionally I get my own flashes of brilliance, but they usually are sparked by someone else’s brilliance.

marketing + fees:

Other than my initial brainstorming with my friends and neighbors, enrollment in classes has all been from word of mouth. I am awkwardly bad at marketing myself. Seriously, it’s embarrassing how bad I am. That is something I have been working on. Luckily my students’ parents and even my own children will tell anyone and everyone about our studio and the classes. They are much more effective at marketing for me that I am!

I try to keep fees for classes low. I don’t live in an area that would willingly support what I should probably charge, so I make sure the class fees cover the materials we use plus just a little bit more.


What started out as an experiment did end up turning into a business. I started with a couple toddler classes and then added a K-6th grade class after being begged and begged. There was much more demand for these classes than I thought there would be.

This year I’ll be adding some classes for teens and adults and will probably split the K-6th class into upper and lower elementary classes.

I don’t want to overwhelm myself or my family (I have a busy husband, three busy kids, and two lazy dogs) so I’m intentionally growing the studio very slowly.

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