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Kids Craft Kits by Kid Made Modern

by Jean Van't Hul
November 6, 2017
Kids Craft Kits by Kid Made Modern as gifts and for making creative gifts, ornaments, and cards

We have been buying kids craft kits and art supplies by Kid Made Modern for a while now (as well as their grown up brand, Hand Made Modern). So when they asked me to do some sponsored posts this holiday season, it was a big yes.

A big thank you to Kid Made Modern for sponsoring this post and sending us more craft kits and art supplies to try out. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

Their products are fun, open-ended, and well made. 

Today, I’m going to talk about their kids craft kits.

Kids Craft Kits by Kid Made Modern - Sturdy Carry Case with Latch and Handle

These kits are full of super fun arts and crafts supplies, packaged enticingly (an attractive case with handle and latch that can be used long after the pompoms and sequins are gone? Hello!) at a reasonable price.

Styrofoam Sculptures with Toddler Art Class

We used the Wood Beads + Fuzzy Sticks kit for a sculpture project in our Toddler Art Class last spring.

Using Kid Made Modern faceted beads for kids arts and crafts projects

Their faceted beads have been used to make handmade art gifts, ornaments, jewelry, and to give a Lite Brite effect to a Jack-o’-lantern.

In recent art classes, we used the Bright Bundle Craft Kit for collages and the Pom Pom Palooza for garlands.

Handmade ornaments using a kids craft kit by Kid Made Modern

And the Metal Mash-Up kit has been perfect for making handmade ornaments.

Basically, the kids craft kits by Kid Made Modern ROCK.

  • They make great gifts on their own.
  • And they can be used to make all kinds of kid-made gifts and creations.

So if you want some fun arts and crafts supplies for making handmade cards, ornaments, or gifts this holiday season, the Kid Made Modern kits have you covered.

And if you are looking for gift ideas for the kids in your life, try a Kid Made Modern kit. It will likely be well received and inspire all kinds of creativity.

Kids Craft Kits by Kid Made Modern

Kids Craft Kits by Kid Made Modern - the Smarts and Crafts kits

Smarts and Crafts Craft Kits

Sparkle Stash Craft Kit

Sparkle and glitter galore! This craft kit includes sparkly pipe cleaners, glitter beads, pom poms, sparkle sticker sheets, and more.

When I told my kids that I might use this kit with my art class, they immediately laid claim to the kit and directed me to another one.

Craft supplies from the Bright Bundle kids craft kit

Bright Bundle Craft Kit

Brightly colored pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, sequins, card stock, and more!

We used this to make collages with our kids art class.

Kids Craft Kits by Kid Made Modern - Metal Mash Up

Metal Mash Up Craft Kit

Metallic everything! This kit includes wire, metallic pom poms (my kids loved them), metallic card stock, pipe cleaners, beads, and sticker tape.

We used the Metal Mash Up kit to make handmade ornaments and look forward to seeing them sparkle amongst Christmas tree lights.

Kids Craft Kits by Kid Made Modern including the Rock Star Jewelry Kit and the Arts and Crafts Library More Arts and Crafts Kits by Kid Made Modern

Rock Star Jewelry Making Kit

My kids love rocks, gems, and beads, so this one is going to be a favorite, I can tell.

Arts and Crafts Supply Library

Basically the mother of all craft kits. It has all the good stuff, including pom poms, sequins, beads, felt, pipe cleaners (fuzzy sticks), googly eyes, jewels, craft sticks, embroidery floss, and more. As you can imagine, it’s BIG.

Kids Craft Kits by Kid Made Modern including the Journal Kit and Woven Notebook Kit

Journal Craft Kit

Everything you need to decorate and customize your own art journal, including stickers, markers, and fun tape.

Woven Notebook Craft Kit

Since Kid Made Modern can’t read my mind, they didn’t realize how much my kids and I would LOVE to try weaving the covers of our own notebooks. Plus, rainbow lined paper?! I haven’t seen this one available at Target so will definitely need to place an order asap.

Kid Made Modern has a lot more kids craft kits. Check out their website for the all the above kits as well as comic book kits, modern house kits, book-making kits, coloring kits, and more.

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Kids craft kits make great gifts and also provide all the materials for a variety of creative projects. Here are some awesome open-ended craft kits for kids.

Thank you to Kid Made Modern for sponsoring this post and sending us art kits and supplies to try out. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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