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Useful Gifts for Kids

by The Artful Parent Editorial Team
September 17, 2023

If you’re looking for useful gifts for kids, here are our favorite real tools and instruments perfect for small hands!

Updated October 2023

If your kids are like ours, they like to help out wherever you are. In the kitchen, in the garden, wherever! But it can be hard for them to use grown-up sized gardening tools or kitchen utensils.

That’s why we love these kid-sized tools. They are real, but perfectly sized for small hands.

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Useful Gifts for Kids

Gardening Tools

If your kid has a green thumb, consider getting some of these tools so they can help out in the garden!

A quality pair of gardening gloves will allow your child to help out with a variety of projects! Or you can pair them with this trowel and rake set.

If your family is really into gardening, considering getting your kids a larger set of garden tools. We like this set from Stanley, or this one with a tote bag!

For bigger kids you can go for this rake and shovel set! Pair with some seed packets and let them have their own section of the garden to tend!

Cooking Utensils for Kids

If you love cooking, get your child a few utensils so they can join you in the kitchen! They will love the independence that comes with their own set of knives!

Every sous chef needs a kid-sized apron! This line comes in lots of fun prints and colors.

A kids’ cooking utensil set makes cooking accessible and fun for children, giving them the chance to help prepare family meals.

Or if you are more of a baker, this little set gives your kids all the baking tools needed to bake a sweet treat!

A set of knives that actually cuts, but isn’t sharp enough to be dangerous, will give your child a great sense of independence in the kitchen. Or you can try this bigger set.

If you’re looking for a fun splurge, this adorable enamel bakeware set can’t be beat! Just think about how cute muffins will look in that tin!

You can pair any of these kitchen utensils with a cookbook for a fantastic gift. We have and use both of these cookbooks and they are a perfect starting point for kids.

Real Tools for Kids

Get your child set up with a toolbox of their own, and they’ll become your new handyman!

This tool set comes with everything your child needs to tinker around the house. And we love the sturdy carrying bag!

Or you can pair this fun tool belt with a few simple tools for an awesome gift!

We love this first drill for kids! It comes with a variety of drill bits and screws so your child can get right to work!

If your child likes a project, SparkJump has a ton of real woodworking kits for kids. How adorable is this bee hotel?!

Outdoor Tools for Kids

If your family loves to camp, setting your child up with some camping gear is a great idea.

What kid wouldn’t love this mini lantern?! Even for indoor camping adventures, this is the perfect accessory.

This pair of binoculars is just like the real thing, but kid-sized, so they’ll be able to spot wildlife wherever they go.

A magnifying glass is great for studying all sorts of cool creatures up close.

A pocket guide to animal tracks is a handy tool for campers of all ages.

And last but not least, a nature journal will let kids record all of their camping adventures for years to come!

We hope you find these ideas helpful when shopping for your family! And be sure to check out all of our gift guides!

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Useful Gifts for KidsUseful Gifts for Kids

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