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Useful Gifts for Kids – The Tools of Childhood


If you’re looking for useful gifts for kids, put together one of these gift baskets of useful items for children: gardening, cooking, exploring, creating.

Useful Gifts for Kids

I’ve praised Imagine Childhood to the moon and back for their quality toys, tools, and useful gifts for kids. Some of our very favorite things come from this special shop (you can read about them here and here and here).

So when they asked me to write a post for them, I said of course.

I decided to put together some themed gift kits for kids containing useful items—the tools of childhood—that I thought would be especially perfect for spring and summer.

You could give these as:

Easter baskets

Just ’cause gifts

Birthday gifts

Spring break activities

End-of-the school year gifts

Just-before-a-trip gifts

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Imagine Childhood. All opinions expressed are my own.

Useful Gifts for Kids

I had so much fun putting together this collection of useful gifts for kids! You’ll find a cooking gift basket, a gardening gift, art supplies (of course!), an explorer’s kit, and, since Easter is coming up, a creative Easter basket gift.

Easter Gifts for Kids - A Gardening Easter Basket

This post contains affiliate links. A Gardening Easter Basket

Fill this small wooden trug with these useful gifts:

A Portable Art Kit for Kids

A Portable Art Kit for Kids

Fill one of these messenger bags with some art supplies:

Put together a cooking gift basket for kids

A Cooking Gift Basket for Kids

Fill this sturdy picnic basket with useful kitchen items:

Make Your Own Explorer Kit for Kids

An Explorer Gift Kit for Kids

Fill this backpack with these useful gifts for kid:

A Creative Easter Basket for Kids

A Creative Easter Basket for Kids

Fill a basket with:

How about you? What is your favorite useful gift for kids? Or what useful gift items have your children enjoyed (and used) the most?

Useful Gifts for Kids

If you’d like to buy some of the lovely high quality toys and tools from Imagine Childhood for your kids, visit their shop here. Or, if you want to check out their selection in a lovely magazine-like format, see their LookBook.

They are a small family run business, have been Artful Parent sponsors off and on in the past, and this is a sponsored post (as always, all opinions expressed are my own).

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Imagine Childhood is a family owned and operated company specializing in earth-friendly goods, craft and activity tutorials and educational supplies that support and nurture the magic of childhood. Our carefully curated collection focuses on products that inspire children to create, imagine, and explore. With an emphasis on quality materials, our toys and tools are made for real kids and real adventures.


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Useful Gifts for Kids
Useful Gifts for Kids - The Tools of Childhood
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    March 17, 2015 at 11:40 am

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  • Renee Stotz
    March 17, 2015 at 11:49 am

    I have two little girls who would love any number of items listed. I love the ideas for Easter. Getting Easter candy is great and it was always what I looked forward to as a child but any amount of candy turns my children into unrecognizable terrors. I’m thinking they’d really love the gardening Easter basket. :)

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    And I know my kids would love the binoculars. Might just have to get them for Easter. :)

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    My daughters (5 and 9) look at your page for great ideas. They love to look and see if there are things we haven’t made and if so try to make them. Keep up the great work! We all need great ideas to get our kids involved and your site does!

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    I love all of these ideas, with 5 kids at home crafting is a must. Getting the kids crafting is a fun way to spend time together and have some fun. They are so proud when they complete an activity too!

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  • abi lynch
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