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Mixing Colors with the Mouse Paint Book

by Jean Van't Hul
February 22, 2008

Mouse Paint Book by Ellen Stoll Walsh

I recently checked the Mouse Paint book by Ellen Stoll Walsh out of the library (and liked it so much I bought it!). It’s a simple and fun picture book about three mice who find some paint and learn about mixing colors.

The red mouse stepped into a yellow puddle and did a little dance. His red feet stirred the yellow puddle until…

The Mouse Paint Book interior pages

‘Look,’ he cried. ‘Red feet in a yellow puddle make orange!’

The illustrations are made with paper collage and are bold and effective. Maia and I have both been enjoying this book.

Mixing Colors with Kids

I wanted to try some color mixing activities with my daughter and used Mouse Paint as a starting point.

She often mixes colors on paper (and in the paint bowls) when she’s painting, but the haphazard color mixing usually ends up a muddy brown.

Here are some more specific color mixing projects::

5 Color Mixing Activities for Kids

5 color mixing activities for kids

Rainbow in a Bag Color Mixing Experiment

You could try this rainbow in a bag color mixing experiment that we’ve had great success with.

Cotton Ball Easel Painting Inspired by Mouse Paint

Or do cotton ball easel painting inspired by Mouse Paint (over at Pink and Green Mama).

First Palette Color Mixing in an Ice Cube Tray

You can also fill an ice cube tray with water and give your child a dropper and some food coloring to experiment with color mixing.

Color Mixing for Kids

Or read this lesson in mixing colors for kids by Amy Broadmoore (inspired by another kids’ book, Color Dance).

Handprint Color Mixing

Or do handprint color mixing as Teach Preschool did.

Any other color mixing activity suggestions that would go well with the Mouse Paint book?

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