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Taking Time for Creativity with Online Painting Classes

by Jean Van't Hul
October 8, 2014

Taking Time for Creativity with Online Painting Classes

As parents, it’s too easy to let our own interests and our own creativity get buried under the mountain of responsibility that comes with raising a family.

I know I am guilty of this—even while doing my best to encourage creativity in my children (and other children around the world).

But let’s not forget our own creativity and our own creative expression.

We need to get out the paints for ourselves sometimes. (Or the clay, the camera, the spices…)

What better example can we set for our children than to model creativity ourselves?

Some ways we can find (or reconnect with) our inner artist

  • Set out an art material to explore.
  • Dive into a book on art techniques.
  • Set up art dates with a friend.
  • Or take a class, whether locally or online.

Set Up for Painting

That’s what I’m doing. As you know, I’ve been taking a series of online art classes from Craftsy and loving them.

Here are the classes I’ve taken so far (& my posts about them) ::

Figure Drawing (Giving [Free] Online Drawing Classes a Try)

Mixed Media Essentials (Taking Online Art Classes, including tips for sharing those classes with kids)

Drawing the Human Face (Drawing Faces for Kids – Plus a Free Printable Guide)

Family Photography (How I finally Learned How to Use My DSLR Camera!)

Pumpkin Still Life Painting in Acrylics

This post contains affiliate links. Currently I’m taking one of their online painting classes, called Acrylic Painter’s Toolbox.

With some of the other classes, the kids have joined in and learned alongside me or I’ve shared some of what I learned with them. This acrylic painting class has been all mine, though, for the most part and I am really enjoying learning acrylic painting tools and techniques.

Painting side by side with children

I set up a still life at the kitchen table, get out my materials and paint.

Painting Rock Monsters

The kids often come paint beside me but mostly do their own thing—paint rainbows or rock monsters, for example. (Although they were intrigued by the palette knives and gave them a try.)

I am learning so much!

I really like the instructor, Rheni Tauchid. She is confident and funny in a laid back way and is obviously very knowledgeable about paints and painting (she even has a couple of books on the subject). Just watching her apply the paint in different ways and with different tools has greatly expanded my own knowledge of acrylic painting.

Still Life Paintings from Online Acrylic Painting Class

I am taking my time with this class and have repeated the exercise from the second lesson—a still life painting—three times so far. I also want (and need) to repeat the following lessons (layering acrylics in thin washes almost like watercolor) as my first attempt at it was laughable.

I’m only halfway through the class so far, but am loving it.

Online Painting Classes for Acrylic Painting

I should note that the materials list for this class is long and a little daunting. I bought a few new things—palette knives, some acrylic gel medium, and a handful of liquid acrylics—but besides those, I have just used what I already had (basic acrylic paints, brushes, poster board).

Taking this class and this time to focus on my own artistic skill set and my own creativity feels like such a wonderful luxury.

And while I’m doing this for myself, I also like knowing that my kids are seeing me spend time following my interests and exploring my creativity.

I really believe that by investing in our own creativity, we invest in the creativity of our family as a whole, especially our children.

Acrylic Painters Toolbox

If you want to learn some acrylic painting techniques, I recommend signing up for the Acrylic Painter’s Toolbox online art class. It’s a good one.

Craftsy has lots of online painting classes, obviously, and here are a few others on acrylics that I’m interested in trying soon ::

Taking Time for Creativity with Online Art Classes

I have a note for you about sponsorship disclaimer stuff…

Craftsy has allowed me to take this class for free and has sponsored this post, as they have done for my previous posts about their classes. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. All words are my own.

I want to talk with you a little bit about this sponsorship thing, more so than I’ve done in the past.

While I rely on sponsors to keep The Artful Parent going, I turn down more than I accept.

I am very particular about the sponsors I work with and the products I recommend. I only share those that I believe in. And that I believe could be helpful and good for you, my fellow artful parents and readers.

Some feel like such a good fit—quality children’s art products or an open-ended construction toy that we use and love—that I am happy to work with them. Craftsy is one of those that just feels like a great fit, even though it’s more for us parents than for the kids per se.

But beyond the financial support of The Artful Parent, I am especially thankful to Craftsy right now for giving me the opportunity and motivation to pursue my own interests and creativity.

I have to admit that I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store.

And if I have gushed in this post, it is from the heart.

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