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The Virtual Book Tour for The New Artful Parent Book (Art Activities! Giveaways! Interviews!)

by Jean Van't Hul
June 10, 2019

The revised edition of The Artful Parent book is here! Follow along with us on a virtual book tour. Each day we have an amazing lineup of art projects, giveaways, and interviews celebrating the newly updated book. 

The Virtual Book Tour for the New Artful Parent Book
This post contains affiliate links.

I am so incredibly excited to be kicking off a virtual book tour for the new Artful Parent book today!

The Artful Parent: Simple Ways to Fill Your Family’s Life with Art and Creativity

This completely updated and revised version of my book is officially released today, June 11th. And I’m SO excited that it is going out into the world.

And quite proud of it, in fact.

I put a lot of heart, soul, and hard work into creating the book and then into completely updating and revising it. I truly believe that it is an excellent resource for parents and caregivers and even teachers (especially art and early childhood).

Number 1 New Release in Family Activity

UPDATE! Thanks so much for helping to make the new Artful Parent book the #1 new release on Amazon in both Children’s Crafts and Family Activities! My friend, Meri Cherry, has a wonderful  new children’s art book out as well (definitely worth purchasing!) and I believe we’ve been switching spots back and forth. 🙂

Girl holding up printmaking project

The Artful Parent book was written to help us raise creative kids and to do more fun art activities together. Something we all want to do, right?!

I have an incredible line up of bloggers, podcasters, Instagrammers, art teachers, parenting experts, and more who are passionate about children’s art and creativity as well and who are participating in my virtual book tour for The Artful Parent book.

Every day throughout the book tour, I will come back here and update this post with live links and information. I will also be sharing and resharing these on social media so make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram

During The Artful Parent Book Tour, some participants will be:

  • Sharing art activities from the book
  • Giving away copies of the book
  • Interviewing me—either in podcast form or written blog post form
  • Reviewing the book
  • Sharing information and insights

So follow along, bookmark this post, and check back here regularly. I think we’re ALL in for a treat!

The Virtual Book Tour for the New Artful Parent Book

The Virtual Tour for The Artful Parent Book


Yes, YOU can host the BEST DIY art classes for your kids

“Step in where the schools are failing your child and host your own DIY art classes for kids right at home! This wonderfully easy art camp for kids is the perfect way to connect with your children this summer.” – Tiffany Dahle, Peanut Blossom

Collage Collage Instagram Photo of The Artful Parent Book with Post Its and Bookmarks
Collage Collage Instagram Photo


Instagram review and giveaway on @collagecollage

“She’s an expert at creating wonder, connection, and engaging projects – that we’ve used at the shop and in my own home. I can’t recommend this book enough.” – Erin Boniferro, Collage Collage


Instagram Post on @cassie_stephenz

“Holy Art Projects, y’all! I am holding one of the biggest and bestest books on bringing creativity to your school, kids and family! @theartfulparent has revised her book and it is so amazing!” – Cassie Stephens

Artful Playdough Play from Handmade Charlotte 350
Artful Playdough Play with Homemade Playdough & Pasta Shapes from Handmade Charlotte


Playdough Art with The Artful Parent

“As Jean explains in the book, including art in your kids’ lives can be as simple as you want it to be, no fancy art supplies or tools necessary! You likely already have everything you need to set up this playdough and pasta activity, or can gather them quickly and affordably at your local supermarket.” – Handmade Charlotte


Everything in this new book is now on my to do list!

“Everything about process art just works. It is simple to prepare, it captures the interest and attention of young children, and leads to the most beautiful, child- led artwork.” – Deborah Stewart, Teach Preschool

June 15 – MALAPROPS BOOKSTORE, Asheville, NC

Drop in kids-art event from 11am – 12noon. (Children’s art supplies for the event were donated by Faber-Castell, OOLY, and Kid Made Modern and will be given to local organizations that serve children and families afterward.)

Art Activities to Ease Anxiety and Big Emotions by Allison McDonald of No Time for Flash Cards
Photo of Paint Blowing with a Straw by Allison McDonald of No Time for Flash Cards


Art Activities to Ease Anxiety and Big Emotions

“I am not an art therapist, but I do know from first-hand experience as a preschool teacher and a mom to a child who struggles with both anxiety and ADD that art is one tool in my helping kids with big emotions toolbox. ” – Allison McDonald, No Time for Flash Cards


Instagram Post & Giveaway on @figmentcreative

“Let me tell you a story. Around six years ago when I was dreaming about teaching messy art out of my garage, I told my friend @kfdski my idea. She said, “Like @theartfulparent !” ?? Well.. I ordered the book and dove in and fell in love with every bit of it! She was right! That was exactly what I wanted to do!” – Amber Scardino, Figment Creative


Instagram Post & Giveaway on @artpantry

“I have been following Jean’s guidance for 10 years and she has truly changed my life. Not only was she the inspiration behind my original children’s art classes, but she has inspired so much of the art I do with my own kids.” – Megan Schiller, The Art Pantry

Salt and Glue Art on Craftwhack
Salt and Glue Art on Craftwhack


Salt and Glue Painting + Giveaway

“I think the reason this book is such a classic is that it is the perfect mix of doable, fun art projects for kids, including classics and newer techniques. Each project is laid out simply and clearly, and you can riff on her ideas to create more art activities as your kids grow older.” – Jeanette Nyberg, Craftwhack

June 20  – RED TED ART

Easy Watercolor Bookmarks on Red Ted Art's YouTube Channel
Easy Watercolor Bookmarks on Red Ted Art’s YouTube Channel

Easy Watercolor Bookmarks with The Artful Parent

“Jean is all about exploration and just having a go….When you’re doing art and you’re exploring different techniques, it’s really about having fun and seeing what things look like.” – Maggy Woodley, Red Ted Art


Melted Crayon Art Book Covers on ArtClassPDX Instagram
Melted Crayon Art Book Covers by @ArtClassPDX on Instagram (experimenting with wire mesh and homemade crayons)

Melted Crayon Art Book Covers (with Wire Screens & Homemade Crayons) on @artclasspdx

“Would I have dusted off grandma’s old Salton food warming tray without the melted-crayon art prompt (page 151) from Jean Van’t Hul’s The Artful Parent? Um, probably not. We traded out peeled crayons for upcycled ones and made beautiful patterns with a piece of wire screen. I ❤️ the revised edition. All the wonderful words and ideas spruced up. It’s sitting next to my original dog-eared copy! The essential process art companion.” – Keira Gladstone, Art Class PDX


Instagram Post & Giveaway on @tinkerlab

“In addition to her strong character, she’s a creativity trailblazer in the world of kids art. This book is packed with just about every possible art-related activity for young kids, plus strategies for setting up a creative space, ideas on how to save art, and even tips on starting your own art group. As I flipped through the pages I was blown away by all of the new, bright photos and projects. This revision is so good. ” – Rachelle Doorley, Tinkerlab

Teach Mama reviews the new Artful Parent book on IGTV
Teach Mama reviews the new Artful Parent book on IGTV

June 25 – TEACH MAMA

Instagram Post & Giveaway on @teachmama1 (+ check out her IGTV review!)

“You may be surprised at both how easy it is to incorporate art into your every day *and* how important it is for your child’s growth and development!” – Amy Mascott, Teach Mama


Instagram Post on @alisakburke

“I strongly believe that introducing art and creativity to kids is something that spills into every area of their life in magical ways!” – Alisa Burke, Redefine Creativity

Q-Tip Pointillism with Emily Neuburger
Q-Tip Pointillism with Watercolors on @emilyneuburger


Instagram Post & Giveaway on @emilyneuburger

“…see pictures of my son having fun with the Q-Tip Pointillism project. It is the perfect pre-dinner project because it really is a quick and easy set-up and clean-up. My children and students are always eager to use an unusual painting tool, and I love how it asks them to practice their fine motor skills while also giving them the freedom to experiment. .” Emily Neuberger


How to Make Creating Art with Kids Easy & Surprise Benefits to Art Time (+Giveaway)

“Jean is the online authority on children’s art, so I wanted to pick her brain on the amazing ways she’s witnessed art help kids.  She also knows what it’s like to make art a part of daily life with kids. And, how to do it easily.” – Alisha Grogan, Your Kid’s Table

Ways to Make Art a Priority in Your Family with Jean Van't Hul on the Art Made Easy Podcast


Ways to Make Art a Priority in Your Family

Do you ever wonder how the art moms on social media actually get their kids to create art? The photos are beautiful, the kids are engaged, and the materials beg to be used. What’s their secret sauce?

Most likely, they’ve been inspired and nurtured by Jean Van’t Hul, the founder of The Artful Parent. Jean started The Artful Parent partly to chronicle and share the experiences with her children’s art group, and also as a way for her to focus more on what it means to her to be an artful parent.

This episode is our conversation on what it’s been like growing the blog, writing books, and engaging her passions.” – Patty Palmer, Deep Space Sparkle blog & Art Made Easy podcast


Instagram Post on @littlegingerstudio

“Many of you ask “Where do you get your ideas from?” … and I’m going to let you in on a not-so secret little secret. When it comes to inspiration for process art, simple crafts and fun art activities you can do at home with everyday materials – I often end up on  artfulpstaging.wpengine.com (@theartfulparent) which is choc-a-block with creative inspiration.

Paper Marbling with Shaving Cream on Inner Child Fun
“They made dozens of prints in one afternoon and used the paper to create journal covers to give to their friends. I love how each one is unique!” – Valerie Deneen

What some of you here in Australia might not know is that Jean Van’t Hul is the author of the fabulous “The Artful Parent” book – a kind of “bible” for art educators!” – Danielle Falk, Little Ginger Studio


Easy Paper Marbling with The Artful Parent

“The Artful Parent is full of inspiring ideas for fostering creativity and connection in your kids. We find ourselves referring to her book often for tips to make time for art and ideas for setting up artful invitations. Jean’s book has helped our family make amazing memories (and projects) together!! ” – Valerie Deneen, Inner Child Fun



Small World Cardboard Collages on Small Hands Big Art Instagram
“It’s a Small World” Cardboard Collage Art on @smallhandsbigart

“It’s a Small World” Cardboard Collage Art on @smallhandsbigart

“When I opened Small Hands Big Art in 2009….I could count on one hand the number of children’s art studios on the planet. And even fewer people writing about the joy of creating art with children. Jean was one those people…

Jean has literally been inspiring me ALL. THESE. YEARS. Today, there are thousands of children’s art studios, & millions of moms doing amazing work nurturing their children’s creativity at home. Jean has truly been a PIONEER in fueling this “artful living” movement!” – Jennifer Bryant, Small Hands Big Art


Collaborative Finger Painting with Kids (+ Recipe)

collaborative paintings on Purple Twig
A collaborative finger painting using homemade finger paints at Purple Twig

“You know how sometimes you look through a book and you see a project that you have known about for years, but something about the way it’s presented, it’s like a brand new project. This happened to me when looking through the Artful Parent, I came across a recipe for making your own finger paint. Finger painting is mainly thought of an activity for under the age of 4, but what if we presented it to our campers age 5-10? I did! And they loved it.” – Samara Caughey, Purple Twig


The New Artful Parent Book Review + Giveaway

The Artful Parent Book on Willowday
An Artful Book – Photo by Gina Vide, Willowday

“Jean’s blog and books read like a conversation with a warm and familiar friend.  She chooses simple everyday projects with items you most likely already have in your home and encourages everyday creativity and connectivity. From the moment I found Jean and her blog, I felt instantly connected and that I have a friend with “the same idea of fun” and kid-connection. ” – Gina Vide, Willowday


Instagram Post + Giveaway on @wild.wattle.folk

“GIVEAWAY to celebrate the release of @theartfulparent new book I am hosting a little giveaway for one lucky winner to get a copy of this wonderful book that helps parents and teachers foster creativity for little folk.” – Abbey, Wild Wattle Folk


Encouraging Creativity with Kids Who Don’t Feel Creative

“I never learned how to cultivate creativity in my own kids, and most parents find themselves in the same boat as me. But, it’s something I feel is so important to my kids’ development and future success, so this episode is one I’ve found to be super helpful.

In this episode, Jean Van’t Hul talks about how to foster creativity in kids…not only through art, but also through daily life.” – Wendy Bertagnole, Exceptional Parenting Podcast

water balloon painting with kids on Toddler Approved
Water balloon painting with kids is a fun group art activity ~ on Toddler Approved


Awesome Art Activities for Playdates and Parties

“One of my favorite things is to host parties and playdates and fill our house with little friends and get creative! I’m always looking for simple and fun ideas that can get kids out of their comfort zones and connecting with one another. Big group art experiences are a great way to get kids engaged, working together, and getting to know one another.” – Kristina Buskirk, Toddler Approved


Simon Says, Draw! + Art Activities for Kids

“The book is full of all sorts of fun creative ideas for kids! If you are a parent looking to build an art-filled home, this book is a fantastic place to start! It covers recommended materials, strategies for setting up an art space in your home, and dozens of engaging activities designed to appeal to kids with a broad range of personalities.” – MaryAnn, Mama Smiles


Double-Doodle Drawing + The Artful Parent Book

Double-doodle drawing with kids on the Pink Stripey Socks blog
Double-doodle drawing with kids on the Pink Stripey Socks blog.

“We received a copy of The Artful Parent to review and I absolutely love it. Jean shares lots of ideas for easy and creative art activities. But it’s more than a “how-to/activity” book. Inside, you’ll read essays about Jean’s creative philosophy and lots of practical tidbits for incorporating creativity and art into your family’s everyday life.” – Leslie Manlapig, Pink Stripey Socks


How I Became an Artful Parent

“I wasn’t always an artful parent. I loved art as a kid but as I got older and into my early 20’s I moved further away from crafts and art making. When I got married to my amazing partner, Evan Cherry, and we had two girls back to back soon after, something shifted. Motherhood was so challenging I had to find a way to feel like myself within the chaos of two crying babies at home. That’s when I got Jean Van’t Hul’s book, The Artful Parent and this is the story of How I became an Artful Parent.” – Meri Cherry

Collage of projects Ana from Babble Dabble Do has done with her family and students, inspired by The Artful Parent book
Projects that Ana from Babble Dabble Do has done with her family and students, inspired by The Artful Parent book


Our Creative Family Journey Inspired by The Artful Parent

” Jean is the master at reminding you that your dream of bringing art into your family life is possible and, frankly, not hard.

As society has grown more and more tied to technology I know many parents struggle with how to balance screen time with play and creativity. This book will walk you through scenarios of how to incorporate creative time into your daily routine so that you don’t have to rely on screen time to get things done.

Even though my kids enjoy their iPad time I still find them pulling out paper and cardboard, glue, tape and markers all on their own to create things when inspiration hits. And I know that the creative family foundation we set-up years ago in our home inspired by The Artful Parent is the reason why.” – Ana Dziengel, Babble Dabble Do


Why Art Matters for Young Children

“In open-ended art, children have the opportunity to take the supplies they have available and explore the reach of their own creativity, experiment with autonomy and control, express their thoughts

and feelings, and make sense of their world.  This process adds to well-being and mental health.  While art contributes to the “softer” subsets of creativity and expression, at the same time, the same experience contributes to the brain’s executive function as children plan, problem solve, and employ divergent thinking.” – Amanda Morgan, Not Just Cute

Becoming UnBusy Quote by Zina Harrington
Becoming UnBusy Quote by Zina Harrington


How to Have a Calm, Creative, Happy Life with Little Ones Underfoot

“Whether you’re a planner, a spur-of-the-moment person, or somewhere in-between, art can be an easy way to move toward becoming unbusy and enjoying a calm day with your kids…

At a glance, this might look like a traditional kids’ activities book, but it is so much more than that. The intro of this book was life-changing for our family.

It encouraged me to pause.

It allowed me to see the beauty and opportunity in this chaotic period of my life.

It helped me choose to live and embrace, rather than endure, this season of life.” – Zina Harrington, Becoming UnBusy

Toddler boy drawing on paper at easel in studio

And that’s it folks! A LOT of truly awesome, absolutely wonderful bloggers, Instagrammers, podcasters, experts, and influencers!

You probably already know many of them. If you don’t already, click the links, check them out, and follow them.

There is such an amazing wealth of artful ideas, help, and inspiration for parents, teachers, and caregivers here in this group. 

The Artful Parent book cover - the revised edition by Jean Van't Hul

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If you’d like to buy a copy of The Artful Parent book, you can click here to order the book on Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indie Bound | Powell’s Books | Your Local Independent Bookstore

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