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13 Awesome LEGO Art Ideas for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
June 18, 2019

These fun and creative LEGO art ideas for kids include printmaking, pictures in playdough, 2D and 3D LEGO artworks, art bots and other LEGO machines that make art, and more!

13 Fun and Creative LEGO Art Ideas for Kids Collage
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If your kids are into LEGO, you know how omnipresent they can be.

I have one child who enjoyed building with LEGO once in a while, but that was about it. Interest but no obsession.

And I have a child who builds and plays with LEGO every day, on her own and if she has a friend over. Virtually every surface of her room is testament to her LEGO interest (they are both SO happy to have their own rooms & spaces in this new house!). This makes it a tad difficult to walk through her room, let alone vacuum it, but I’m happy to see her creating and building and playing with such an awesome open-ended toy.

LEGO and other bricks are great for so much obviously—construction, designing, open-ended play, etc—but also, surprisingly, ART. And being who I am, I thought I’d share some LEGO art ideas for kids as well as some LEGO craft projects.

Our 4 Favorite LEGO Art Ideas

Make LEGO prints of robots, houses & cities with just an ink pad & LEGOs

1. LEGO Printing

Creating LEGO prints is a fun open-ended art activity for kids of all ages. Use LEGOs and stamp pads to create cities, flowers, mandalas, letters and much more!

LEGO prints of house scene imprinted on playdough with LEGOs on mat

2. Pictures in Playdough

Creating pictures in playdough is a great sensory art activity for kids of all ages. Just roll out some playdough and press LEGOs in it to create playdough pictures.

Kid Made LEGO Pictures

3. LEGO Pictures

Use LEGOs to create a (somewhat) 2 dimensional artwork, whether it’s a portrait, a heart, or another picture by arranging the LEGO pieces onto a base.

I like these LEGO portraits (on Susan’s Homeschool Blog).

And these Piet Mondrian-Inspired art with DUPLOs or LEGOs (on Creative QT) are pretty cool.

Lego Sculptures by Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya
Sculptures by Nathan Sawaya, famous LEGO artist

4. LEGO Sculptures

Obviously, if you can make a 2D artwork out of LEGOs, then you can make a 3D artwork as well, whether it’s realistic (a heart, animal, building, etc) or something more abstract.

Nathan Sawaya, the famous LEGO artist, has taken sculptures to a whole new level. Here are 20 of his incredible LEGO artworks.

4 Lego Art Machines Kids Can Make and Use

4 More LEGO Art Ideas with Cars, ArtBots, and Machines

I love the idea of creating art bots and other machines that draw, paint, create circles, and more. Nothing’s going to replace us drawing and painting, nor would we want to, but the fact that we can create simple machines that make art is pretty cool. If you really want to geek out on this idea, check out this article on LEGO Art Machines on the Exploratorium website.

  1. Make LEGO car art (on STEAM Powered Family)
  2. Build a circle drawing device out of LEGOs (on Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls)
  3. Make a LEGO Duplo paint machine (on Stir the Wonder)
  4. Build a Duplo LEGO Drawing Machine (on Inspiration Laboratories)

5 LEGO Craft Projects Kids Can Make

5 LEGO Craft Projects Kids Can Make

  1. Make a LEGO picture frame. You can simply arrange LEGO pieces around the perimeter of a base, then pop an artwork or photo into the center. Or you can make a more elaborate picture frame like this one (on Laly Mom)
  2. Fashion a LEGO puppet theater and put on a shadow puppet show with LEGOs (on Powerful Mothering)
  3. Make a LEGO organizer for your art supplies (on Kids Activities Blog)
  4. Create a snowglobe with a LEGO scene inside (on MINI ECO)
  5. Make a LEGO letter wall hanging (on My Life of Travels and Adventures)

Any more LEGO art projects you would add to this list? Or other creative LEGO activities?

LEGO books and products for creative kids

LEGO Books & Products for Creative Kids

If you have kids who are into LEGO (or you want to inspire creativity with LEGO), you might want to check out some of these books and products:

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These LEGO art ideas for kids include printmaking, pictures in playdough, 2D and 3D LEGO artworks, art bots and other LEGO machines that make art, and more! #legoideas #legocrafts #kidsart #legoactivities #lego #kidsactivities

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