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A Creative Scavenger Hunt for Kids (+ Printable!)

by Jean Van't Hul
August 15, 2011

Here’s a scavenger hunt for kids to find and make things. Plus a free printable to customize the scavenger hunt for the child or situation.

A Make and Do Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Need an idea for an engaging scavenger hunt for kids? Try this…

I’ve been doing a lot of scavenger hunts lately with Maia. But instead of just asking her to find things, I’m also asking her to make things.

This is partly to add a new more interactive dimension to the activity and partly, um, just to keep her occupied a tad longer.

Back when we were doing that color scavenger hunt she was finished with each color in about two minutes flat. But with the “make” aspect added in, these scavenger hunts have been taking much longer.

Make and Do Scavenger Hunt

Here’s what we did…

UPDATE: This scavenger hunt idea has been such a hit with my kids and their friends that we’ve done it many, many times. And I’ve since made a nice PRINTABLE that we use to customize it every time. You can download the printable PDF at the end of this post.

A Make and Do Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Make and Do Scavenger Hunt List

Here’s one that I wrote up for Maia on the fly.

As she found or did each item on the list, she brought them to me at the table (except the Daphne hug, of course, which I added at the end just for fun).

A Make and Do Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Here’s a lego storefront (she decided to use the big toddler legos—or whatever they’re called—and make a store instead of a house), a playdough porcupine, a pinecone, and cookie cutters.

Trace Feet

And her traced feet.

Chalkboard Alphabet

We’ve repeated this make and do scavenger hunt activity a few times at her request. For one of the “hunt and makes,” she drew the castle above and wrote the alphabet.

I think I’ll sit down and write up a few of these hunt and makes to keep on hand…

Make and Do Scavenger Hunt Printable

Graphic of Make & Do Scavenger Hunt Printables

CLICK HERE for the free printable!

I created a printable version of this scavenger hunt that gets making and doing things (rather than just looking for things). The first page allows you to customize the scavenger hunt to the child or situation; the second page provides lots of ideas to use to make the scavenger hunt different and interesting each time.

7 More Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

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Make & Do Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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