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A Color Scavenger Hunt

by Jean Van't Hul
April 7, 2011

Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids

I sent Maia on a color scavenger hunt through our house the other day. It was a spur-of-the-moment idea to keep her happily occupied while I cleaned up the kitchen to start dinner.

Here’s how…

A Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids

First, I handed her a small bucket and asked her to find 10 orange items that would fit inside.

Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Orange

She did.

And then was happy to repeat the activity three more times.

A Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Green

With green items.

A Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Yellow

Then yellow items.

A Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids

And finally, purple items.

I thought she would hunt all over the house, but she learned pretty quickly that there are multiples of each color in the studio.

She brought me bits of colored tissue paper, oil pastels, crayons, chalk, paint, wool, and paintbrushes.

It would be a good color-recognition activity for a toddler. For Maia it was more about the hunt and the novelty (we hadn’t done anything like this before).

And it bought me a few minutes to tidy up.

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A Color Scavenger Hunt for Kids - A Color Recognition Activity

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