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The Power of Art Videos for Kids in Learning Activities & Techniques

by Jean Van't Hul
September 13, 2018

Art videos for kids can help them learn new art activities easily (in this case, raised salt painting) – supporting busy families and different learning styles.  And they are a primary component of KIDS ART SPOT, my membership site for children and their families.

Image of Raised Salt Painting Face on a Paper Plate

Video art tutorials can make it EASY and FUN for kids (and their families) to learn new art activities and techniques.


Because video can be a powerful learning tool for all ages, shortening learning curves, and incorporating multi-media in a way that embraces a variety of learning styles.

Today I want to show you one of the video art classes from the KIDS ART SPOT, my online membership site for kids and their families, as well as a video about the other art tutorial videos I have.

Learn Raised Salt Painting with a Video Tutorial

In this one, I walk kids step-by-step through the process of doing raised salt painting. And I want to share it with you and your kids so you can watch it and do the art activity and so you can experience the kinds of videos I’m creating for the KIDS ART SPOT.

Raised Salt Painting with Kids

Raised salt painting has been one of our favorite art activities since forever. And it is definitely one that kids can do on their own with a little guidance.

In this video, I walk kids through the raised salt painting art activity, from concept, to gathering materials, to setting up for success (often covering work surfaces and making sure you have a damp rag or paper towel for clean up), to doing the art activity step-by-step, to sharing or displaying it afterward.

So bring your kids over to watch this video and invite them to do raised salt painting.

The Power of Art Videos for Kids

As I’m sure you know, video can be an amazing instructional tool—appealing to a range of learning styles and using visual and auditory cues to help kids and families learn new things. Videos work especially well for learning art activities and techniques.

I have been creating a library of these kids art videos inside of the KIDS ART SPOT — my new online art club for kids and their families.*

*If you’re interested in joining, we’re welcoming new members again with a $1 2-week trial.

A library of Art Videos for Kids in the Kids ART SPOT

With each video, I demonstrate and teach a different fun art activity or technique, from homemade puffy paint that gets even puffier as it dries (so incredibly cool!), to nature suncatchers, marble painting, styrofoam printmaking the easy way, drawing with tape, double-doodle drawing, scribble challenge drawing, and more.

Nature Suncatchers from the KIDS ART SPOT

Each video makes it EASY and FUN for kids (and their families) to learn a new art activity and technique, while encouraging experimentation and creativity.

It’s like having me coming into your home to do art with you and your kids. My goal is to make it EASIER for you to foster your children’s creativity.


These art tutorial videos are all part of my new KIDS ART SPOT and I invite you to come check it out now. I have a 14-day trial for just $1. So basically you and your kids can come explore everything in the ART SPOT for two whole weeks for just pocket change.

The KIDS ART SPOT makes kids art easier and more fun to incorporate into your family life through art tutorial videos and a library of drawing prompts and printables that you can access any time.

“I must tell you, you have helped me so much bring art more regularly into my home, thank you!” – Lissette Paz

With my video art classes, I come into your home and walk you and your kids through engaging art activities virtually. Let them get creative while you get dinner ready—OR sit down and enjoy the art activity together with your child!

Kids Art Spot Drawing Prompts Graphic

Besides the library of art videos for kids, I have:

  • a library of drawing prompts (printables to inspire creativity)
  • art activity printables
  • and simple art invitations (that parents can set up for their kids)

And I’m adding new videos and printables each week!

So come on over and check it out now. I am super proud of what I have put together and so excited to share it with you and your kids.

Click here to see the Kids Art Club and to try it out for just $1.


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Art videos for kids can help them learn new art activities easily (in this case, raised salt painting) - supporting busy families and different learning styles.  #kidsart #artsandcrafts #kidspainting #kidsactivities #paintingforkids #paintingideas #paintingtechniques #artforkids

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