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The Power of Art Videos for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
February 13, 2024
What's Inside Kids Art Spot

Art videos for kids can help children easily learn new techniques, supporting busy families and a variety of learning styles.  You can find hundreds of easy-to-follow art videos on Kids Art Spot, our online membership portal for creative families.

Updated March 2024

Video art tutorials can make it so much easier (and less stressful!) for families to embrace art at home.


Because video can be a powerful learning tool for all ages, shortening learning curves, and incorporating multi-media in a way that embraces a variety of learning styles.

child doing art with video
Photo by Joanna Pink

Videos can take the pressure off of parents who might feel overwhelmed by the idea of “teaching” art to their kids.  Plus, providing children with a bit of guidance (apart from their parents) can encourage independence and help develop problem-solving skills.  What’s not to love?

Learn Raised Salt Painting with a Video Tutorial

See the power of a video tutorial in action with this example from the Kids Art Spot library.  We walk kids step-by-step through the process of doing raised salt painting, and you’ll get a fantastic sneak peek of the types of videos you can find inside our popular membership portal!

raised salt painting
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Raised salt painting has been one of our favorite art activities since forever. In fact, it’s on our list of The Best Art Ideas for Kids.  And it’s definitely a project that kids can do on their own with a little guidance.

In this video, we walk kids through the raised salt painting art activity from set-up to clean-up:

So, bring your kids over to watch this video and invite them to do raised salt painting!

power of videos
Photo by Abbie Connors

The Power of Art Videos for Kids

As I’m sure you know, video can be an amazing instructional tool—appealing to a range of learning styles and using visual and auditory cues to help kids and families learn new things. Videos work especially well for learning art activities and techniques.

Since 2018, we’ve been building a library of these kids’ art videos inside of the KIDS ART SPOT — our online art club for kids and their families.

_kids art spot

Our videos all demonstrate a fun art activity or technique, from homemade puffy paint that gets even puffier as it dries (so incredibly cool!), to nature suncatchers, marble painting, styrofoam printmaking, drawing with tape, double-doodle drawing, scribble challenge drawing, and so much more!  In fact, our video library now includes over 250 step-by-step tutorials for all kinds of fun and open-ended art projects.

Each video makes it easy and fun for kids to try a new art activity or learn a new technique, all while encouraging experimentation and creativity.

Our goal is to make it totally simple and stress-free for you to have a more artful home.


These art tutorial videos are all part of our online art club for kids, Kids Art Spot.

The KIDS ART SPOT makes kids art easier and more fun to incorporate into your family life through art tutorial videos and a library of drawing prompts and printables that you can access any time.

art video
Photo by Joanna Pink

“The Kids Art Spot goes above and beyond satisfying my art needs.  It is inspiring real, internal creativity in my kids, providing meaningful connections between my kids and me, and providing beautiful art to display in our home!” 

-Christine S.

With simple art videos we can walk you and your kids through engaging art activities virtually. Let them get creative while you get dinner ready—OR sit down and enjoy the art activity together with your child!

Besides the library of guided art videos for kids, our membership portal includes:

  • Hundreds of drawing prompts
  • Simple Art Invitations
  • Parent Guides (on everything from dealing with mess to the best art supplies for kids)
  • NEW Quick Art Spot (super short videos for when you need a bit of artistic inspiration)

And even better? Members have access to a different themed collection of activities every month!  That means you can spend less time scrolling and more time actually creating and connecting with your kids.

art invitation
Photo by Rachel Withers

So come on over and check it out now. We can’t wait to see what Kids Art Spot can do for your family!

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The Power of Art Videos for KidsThe Power of Art Videos for KidsThe Power of Art Videos for Kids

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