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Fingerprint Art for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
May 4, 2022

Try a fingerprint art book by Ed Emberley for a fun drawing activity for kids. Make fingerprints and then turn them into whatever you’d like!

Updated June 2022

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We’ve talked about Ed Emberley and his books, mostly because kids like them so much and his simple step-by-step drawings give them the tools and confidence to draw things they might not normally draw. And because they are fun!

Well, we’ve been hearing about the fingerprint art book for years, but didn’t always get the point.

Because, why do you need fingerprints when you can just draw?

Well, we tried it and our kids LOVED it!

Ed Emberleys Fingerprint Art Book
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Fingerprint Art for Kids



  1. Make fingerprints

    Use a stamp pad to make fingerprints on your paper. You can make random prints or you can make designs or pictures with your prints.

    Making fingerprint art with a rainbow stamp pad

  2. Turn your fingerprints into a picture!

    Next, turn your fingerprints into people or animals or flowers or anything with a few strategically placed pen lines.

    Fingerprint Art Characters

    It’s always so fun to see what our kids come up with when they do art activities like this!

    Fingerprint Art Flower Garden Picture

  3. Repeat!

    This is an art activity that you can do over and over again and get different results each time. And it’s fun every time you do it, too!

    Making fingerprint art with kids

Here’s a video showing Fingerprint Art for Kids in action!

We love this Ed Emberley book, and we love making fingerprint art!

How about you? Have you tried fingerprint art with your kids yet?

drawing workshop
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

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Fingerprint Art for Kids

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