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Maia’s Best Ever Butter Slime Recipe

by Jean Van't Hul
August 16, 2021

Learn how to make butter slime with this butter slime recipe & video. It’s the best! This butter slime recipe uses Model Magic and is super soft & stretchy. Recipe and post by Maia.

The Best Butter Slime Recipe - Plus Ways to Play with It

Updated January 2021

I have watched many slime videos and tried many different recipes of my own. Some were way too hard, some got really sticky after about a day (too much lotion). Some just dried out a lot after a couple days of playing with it (too much borax).

This time though, I think I’ve created the perfect butter slime recipe. I hope you have fun and that this recipe works for you as well as it worked for me. 🙂

First, here’s a video tutorial showing how to make butter slime.

And here’s the butter slime recipe and step by step instructions.

The Best Butter Slime Recipe

Ingredients needed to make butter slime

This post contains affiliate links.Butter Slime Ingredients

*We all call it shaving cream, but make sure to buy the FOAM kind rather than cream or gel.


  1. Mix glue and shaving cream

    Squeeze a large bottle of white Elmer’s School Glue into a medium bowl.

    Add 1 and a 1/4 heaping cups of shaving foam. Mix thoroughly.

    The Best Butter Slime Recipe - Mix glue and shaving foam

  2. Stir in contact solution

    Add 1/8 cup of contact solution and stir. The mixture will come together, become more rubbery, and begin to pull away from the sides of the bowl. (See the video!)

    The Best Butter Slime Recipe - Add contact solution

  3. Knead (a lot)

    Next, knead and pull with hands until not as sticky (add a bit more shaving cream if necessary).

    The Best Butter Slime Recipe - Knead and pull until soft and stretchy

  4. Knead in Model Magic

    Add 3 ounces of model magic in your desired colors.

    The Best Butter Slime Recipe - Adding Model Magic

    Poke and knead, stretch and pull until thoroughly mixed.

    The Best Butter Slime Recipe - Knead in Model Magic

  5. Add lotion

    Make a dent in middle of your butter slime and add a scant tablespoon of lotion. Mix until fully incorporated. Store in an airtight container.

    The Best Butter Slime Recipe - add lotion

Now it’s time to play! 

The Best Butter Slime Recipe - store in an airtight container
6 Fun Things to Do With Butter Slime (Plus an awesome butter slime recipe and video tutorial) #slime #slimerecipe #sensoryactivities #kidsactivities  #sensoryplay #sensory

6 Fun Ways To Play With Butter Slime

  1. Spread it with a knife
  2. Smash it with a fork
  3. Poke and knead it with your hands
  4. The Best Butter Slime Recipe - Blow a slime bubble with a strawStretch and pull it
  5. Bury end the end of a straw in the middle of slime, pinch where straw is and blow to make a bubble
  6. Make a bubble with your hands by stretching the butter slime up and out then quickly dropping the top like a parachute (see video demonstration)

Slime Removal Tip: For that certain someone in your family who the slime loves so much that it doesn’t want to let go, grab a little bit of slime and quickly dab at the slime-y area until it all comes off.

How to get slime off of hands and body

Warning: do not get near clothing, blankets, or carpets.

For a different, but cool, texture, mix 1 part butter slime to 1 part model magic.

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