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Keeping Toddlers Busy with a Sticker Art Activity

by Jean Van't Hul
March 3, 2012

Toddler Sticker Art ProjectsThese little packs of dot stickers and hole reinforcement stickers were under two dollars each in the Target office supply section yet have been our best recently purchased art material. We’ve gotten so much fun mileage out of them!

I first brought the stickers out the other day at the bakery when a friend and I were trying to have a conversation while both of our toddlers competed for our attention. I’m all for giving the kiddos attention, but I get to see my toddler all the time, whereas only get to see my friend once a week if I’m lucky. This time I was prepared, though, and we got to talk for a good hour (there may have been a few interruptions during that time) and our toddlers were perfectly happy with their simple art activity.

I gave both two year olds a piece of paper torn from a sketchbook as well as a couple sheets of stickers. Juniper was really into overlaying the white hole reinforcement stickers over the colorful dot stickers.

Child drawing on dot stickers

Daphne stuck to the dot stickers but added her own pen drawings on top of each sticker.

Toddler Sticker Art Projects

She then wanted to do the same on my hand… (The things I will allow my kids to do in the name of a few minutes to chat with a friend! Or a few minutes with a book.)

Toddler Sticker Art Projects

This sticker art project was engrossing for both toddlers and the finished result is fun and colorful. Here’s one of Daphne’s completed artworks.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for keeping your kids quietly occupied while you’re at a restaurant or coffee shop?

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