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Self Portrait Art for Toddlers

by Jean Van't Hul
March 4, 2022
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Self-portrait art is usually best done with older kids, but here’s an art activity that even toddlers can do. Plus, it makes a great keepsake!

Updated May 2022

This art activity would work with any age, but it is one of the few self-portrait activities that you can do with toddlers.

We were inspired by this self-portrait art activity from Art Bar Blog. It is amazing, but probably better for preschoolers and grade school kids.

But for toddlers you really must try this one. You will love the result! It is worthy of hanging on the wall or gifting.

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Self Portrait Art for Toddlers


*We used the tops and bottoms of Mod Pizza boxes and liked the square format and the frame effect that the side of the pizza boxes gave. You could also use regular cardboard or poster board.


  1. Prep your materials

    First, give your pizza box a coat or two of white paint. Let dry.

    Make a black and white print or copy on paper of your child’s photo. (You’ll want a black and white print on paper, not glossy photo paper.)

    Then cut away the background and glue the child’s portrait along the bottom edge of the white pizza box and let dry.

    Self Portrait Art with Little Kids - Preparing for the Activity

  2. Make your self-portrait art

    Set out the photo box and one or two art supplies and, with guidance, they can draw and color around their photo – the background, the frame, and even the photo itself.

    Self Portrait Art with Little Kids - Setting Up

    Many of the toddlers in this toddler art class drew over their photo as well as around it, as you can see.

    Self Portrait Art with Toddlers

  3. Keep decorating

    Offer another material or two and let the child continue to work. We started with crayons, then brought out chalk markers and colored pencils.

    Self Portrait Art with Little Kids - Drawing and Decorating on and Around the Face

  4. Color and decorate the frame

    The sides of the pizza box act as a frame for the self-portrait art. You can invite your child to color and decorate the inside and outside of the frame with the drawing materials.

    Self Portrait Art with Little Kids - Drawing and Decorating on and Around the Face

  5. Add a ribbon for hanging

    To hang the self-portrait artwork, hot glue a length of ribbon to the back of the cardboard at the two top corners.

Art with Toddlers - Great gift or keepsake!

These self portraits are perfect to display or gift! This is an easy and attractive way to do self portrait art with little kids! Plus it makes for a great keepsake artwork, don’t you think?

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Self Portrait Art for Toddlers

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