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Making Learning Fun (with Rocks!)


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I’m all about making learning fun.

If it’s fun and hands-on, it’s more likely to be remembered.

We all know this, right?

But as with many things, it’s sometimes more easily said than done. I find that I can grab spontaneity by the horns at times, but other times it’s helpful to have a list of concrete ideas to put it into practice.

Make Learning Fun - 21+ Ways to Learn with and About Rocks

This post contains affiliate links. Here Are 22 Ways For Making Learning Fun

With ROCKS no less.

I’ll start with ways to learn reading, writing, and math with stones, then move on to learning about geology and the natural world. I include some of our favorite books about rocks (Byrd Baylor!), some DIY learning games and activities for preschoolers and older kids, as well as a couple of commercial (but unique) games for school age children.

The Three Rs with Rocks

Making Learning Fun - Rub on Alphabet Rocks

1. Make Alphabet Rocks with rub-on letters and use them for writing (on The Write Start)

Making Learning Fun - Construction Site Scoop and Spell

2. Alphabet Rocks Scoop and Spell (on The Imagination Tree)

Making Learning Fun - Writing Practice with a Zen Stone

3. Letter Writing Practice on a Large Rock, the simplest of DIY zen boards! (on Mommy Moment)

Making Learning Fun - Meaningful Literacy

4. Meaningful Literacy with Garden Markers (on Playful Learning)

Making Learning Fun - Sight Words

5. Sight Word Pebbles for Literacy Play (The Imagination Tree again)

Making Learning Fun - Rock Puzzles

6. Make Rock Puzzles (on Kids Play Box)

Make Learning Fun With Rocks - Books

7. Read Children’s Literature about Rocks

Making Learning Fun - Number Rocks and Math

8. Number Pebbles for Counting and Addition (on The Imagination Tree)

Making Learning Fun - Games to Make with Rocks

9. Make and Play Games with Rocks

Making Learning Fun - Colors and Shapes

10. Teaching Shapes and Colors with Rocks (on Fun-A-Day)

Making Learning Fun - Alphabet Rock Sort

11. Letter Match with Rocks (on Parent Teach Play)

Learning About Geology & Our Environment

Making Learning Fun - Start a Rock Collection

12. Start a Rock and Mineral Collection

Making Learning Fun - What Lives Under a Rock

13. What Lives Under a Rock? (on Imagine Childhood)

Making Learning Fun - Childrens Nonfiction Books about Rocks

14. Learn About Rocks and Minerals with Kids’ Nonfiction Books

Making Learning Fun - Constellation Art with Rocks

15. Constellation Art with Rocks and Chalk (on Creekside Learning)

Making Learning Fun - Break Your Own Geodes

16. Break Your Own Geodes

Making Learning Fun - Learn About Rocks

17. Learn About Rocks Through Active Play (on Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Making Learning Fun - Writing Prompts

18. The Work of Scientists :: Reading and Writing While Learning About Rocks (on Steve Spangler Science)

Making Learning Fun - Rock Kits

19. Learn About Rocks and Minerals with a Kit

Making Learning Fun - Learn About Gemstones and Minerals

20. Exploring Rocks and Minerals + Mirror Play (on An Everyday Story)


21. Preschool Science: Does it Sink or Float? (on No Time for Flashcards)

Making Learning Fun - Rock Games to Buy

22. Learn About Rocks and Minerals with a Game


How about you? Will you try some of these ideas for making learning fun (with rocks!) this summer?

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  • Julie Kirkwood
    May 26, 2014 at 8:07 am

    What a great post, Jean. Thank you for including our constellation rocks!

  • Mary Catherine
    May 26, 2014 at 9:04 am

    What a lovely resource for my rock-lovin’ kiddos! Thanks so much for including my color and shape rocks with the other wonderful ideas!!

  • Alison
    June 14, 2014 at 5:57 am

    Rocks are just the best aren’t they, I use them heaps in my class too. We’ve made our own story rocks by using clear varnish to secure a photo of each little onto a rock, that way they can be part of the story. Also now that the littles are secure with the alphabet I’ve added the digraphs and constonant clusters as we go oo, sh, ch, ee etc.
    Great having all of these ideas in one place.

  • Jennifer
    June 15, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    I have a special needs child in my class who LOVES rocks — this would be the perfect resource for him. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Martine Bracke
    July 13, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    Awesome website but I live in Downtown Houston where can I buy these big river rock?